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Prepared by UPF Albania On May 25 2017 we had a

first_imgPrepared by UPF AlbaniaOn May 25, 2017, we had a conference in the framework of the International Day of Families set by the UN, held in Korça city, on the topic of: “The Importance of Family Values in an Era of Global Crisis”.Among the multiple ethical, moral, social, academic and emotional values that UPF promotes, it would surely organize a conference centered on the importance of the family notion. The family is certainly the center of the society, the values of which are extraordinary and of a vital importance in such a dynamic era that we are now living.As recent as this situation is, it is not treated enough as a phenomenon that every day is damaging more and more the family system. UPF is giving special attention to this situation, it being absolutely necessary. Family is the school of love, it is where the formation and the construction of our character and relationships start, which later will develop and expand in society.The conference was held in cooperation with Korça University, The Faculty of Human and Natural Sciences. Among the presence and speeches of the pedagogical staff, present were also different personalities from the civil society,NGO, Ambassadors for Peace, representatives of education etc. Each one came with a rich background, with academic achievements making possible for the conference to give the right importance to the family values.During the conference was also mentioned the history and the path of the family and its notion throughout the years; children’s education, juridical rights for children’s protection, leadership in the process of education, and the family according to the principles of the UPF, also treated according to different religions point of views etc. In the conference participated around 120 people.This conference was made possible due to the sisterhood of the FFWPU and the UPF in Albania with different European regions and nations in service of the 2020 Vision. Therefore, during this week we were honored with the presence of a team from Switzerland which supported with the organization and funding of the conference.The conference was finalized with the best of impressions from all present and with the appointment of 4 new ambassadors for peace: Dr. Gjergji Pendavinji; Dr. Mangalini Vampo; Dr. Kozeta Apostoli; and the well-known actor Andrea Pepi.last_img read more