12 Jun

Open letter to Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al Sarraj

first_img Related documents lettre_ly_en.pdfPDF – 287.41 KB Six imprisoned journalists to finally appear in court in Istanbul News Organisation Well-known Libyan journalist missing since his arrest June 24, 2020 Find out more Follow the news on Libya News Prime Minister Fayez al SarrajHead of the Libyan Government of National Accord                                                                       TripoliParis, 9th august 2018 LibyaMiddle East – North Africa Condemning abusesProtecting journalistsMedia independence Conflicts of interestJudicial harassmentEconomic pressureArmed conflictsImpunityPredatorsViolenceFreedom of expression Mohamed EnnajemExecutive DirectorLibyan Centre for Freedom of Press Help by sharing this information Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and the Libyan Centre for Freedom of Press (LCFP) urge Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al Sarraj to intervene immediately to rescind all measures obstructing the work of international journalists and the Libyan correspondents of foreign media outlets.center_img Receive email alerts LibyaMiddle East – North Africa Condemning abusesProtecting journalistsMedia independence Conflicts of interestJudicial harassmentEconomic pressureArmed conflictsImpunityPredatorsViolenceFreedom of expression Dear Prime Minister,In a communiqué dated 3 August 2018, the Libyan foreign ministry’s Foreign Media Department (FMD) unveiled an unprecedented series of new measures that create further obstacles to the work of international journalists and the Libyan correspondents of foreign media outlets.The existing interminable delays in obtaining and renewing visas, countless other forms of red tape and various kinds of harassment have now been compounded by 13 new measures to which international journalists and the Libyan correspondents of foreign media outlets must submit when applying to the Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation for accreditation to work in Libya.Each of these 13 measures details of an additional bureaucratic step that must be undertaken with an administrative entity, and constitutes another real barrier to journalistic freedom.On the pretext of offering them better security guarantees, the FMD is tightening its grip on the foreign media at a time when, in the run-up to the general elections scheduled for 10 December, the freedom to inform is proving more essential than ever for a democratic and pluralistic debate in Libya.All existing accreditations have been cancelled since the end of 2017 on the grounds that new procedures are being put in place. Since then, the FMD has replaced the old procedures by mechanisms designed to prevent journalists from working freely and independently. It now issues only temporary permits and in a sporadic manner. Many journalists have been left without accreditation, which exposes them to them to the risk of being expelled or being attacked.RSF and LCFP would also like to express their utmost concern about the constantly escalating restrictions that are making journalistic work almost impossible. The FMD limits journalists to covering events in which it is a participant and obstructs the work of those who do not comply with its demands, using accreditation as blackmail to force international news agencies to stop employing some of their correspondents. All journalists agree that working in Tripoli now constitutes an almost insurmountable challenge that threatens both their physical and their judicial security.We also think it is crucial to point out that the obligation for journalists to wear a vest with the word “Press” and the FMD logo constitutes a violation of media independence and endangers their lives in a country in which all media personnel are potential targets.All of these unwarranted obligations restrict the freedom to inform and help to delay realization of the democratic aspirations that the Libyan people expressed in 2011.RSF and LCFP therefore call on the Libyan government to:1. Stop obstructing the work of international journalists and the Libyan correspondents of foreign media outlets.2. Respect the freedom of international journalists and the Libyan correspondents of foreign media outlets to practice journalism by establishing a simple and clear procedure for obtaining accreditation.3. Allow international journalists and the Libyan correspondents of foreign media outlets to do their work with complete freedom.We thank you in advance for the attention you give to this letter and we are at your disposal should you wish to discuss the subject further.Sincerely,Christophe DeloireSecretary-General Reporters Without Borders On Libyan revolution’s 10th anniversary, authorities urged to guarantee press freedom August 8, 2018 – Updated on August 9, 2018 Open letter to Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al Sarraj News News to go further February 23, 2021 Find out more RSF_en December 17, 2019 Find out morelast_img read more

18 Nov

Adriano Palman, KUH: We strongly oppose the newly created category “Camp resting place – Robinson accommodation”

first_imgMINT proposed changes Rulebook on classification and categorization of objects which would enable the so-called Robinson accommodation in family farms and households.Regarding the proposal to amend the Ordinance on the classification and categorization of facilities, according to which it is planned to provide Robinson accommodation in family farms and households, the Croatian Camping Association – KUH strongly opposes the newly created category “Camp resting place – Robinson accommodation, they point out in their statement, all with the intention of protecting the dignity of the camping itself and the desire to avoid abuse of the term and the institution of “camps”.”Camping rest area” has no connection with Robinson accommodation in terms of concept and logic, nor are these two concepts connected anywhere in Europe, points out Adriano Palman from KUH and adds that the camping rest area was introduced in regulations as a counterpart to German “Stellplatz” and Italian “Aree di sosta”. “, And implies only shorter accommodation of guests with their own mobile camping equipment. “This segment, in order to prevent abuse, needs to be further regulated rather than liberalized.Palman emphasizes.Given the existing experiences that are very often diametrically different ways of interpreting regulations and issuing permits for different types of facilities, it is necessary to unify and further regulate (standardize) procedures and interpretations around the issuance of permits. “The proposed new rulebook poses a real danger that any green area, meadow or bay, will turn into a facility that contains the word “Camp” in its name, which will also negatively affect the perception of HR camping abroad and in the country, and potentially lead to camping. a situation from about 20 years ago when it was unfortunately understood by the public as an “unwanted form of accommodation”. The development of Robinson accommodation facilities should be linked to the name “Robinson accommodation”, and not to abuse the term and institution of the camp. It must be a special category or special topic, regulated by a separate rulebook and not related to the institution of “camps”. ” Palman points outIn addition, in order to protect the image of the entire camping sector, manage the desired development, avoid unwanted phenomena and protect the space, KUH proposes to immediately launch additional initiatives:1. Introduction of the obligation that the categorization of all objects of the “camp” typology is performed exclusively by the Ministry of Tourism (both for hotels and camps), and not by local state administration offices.2. Revise and unify 3 different ordinances within which the same facilities of “camps” are always categorized.3. According to the principle of practice in the EU, and in order to avoid unfair competition and circumvent positive legal regulations, introduce additional regulations for camping resorts.Today, the Croatian camping product is very developed, covering as much as 25% of Croatian tourism and is the second highest quality in Europe, and in recent decades hundreds of millions of kunas have been invested in the development of camps. It is true that the camping sector has made great efforts to create a positive image of camping both abroad, and especially within the Republic of Croatia, where camps, which today in the context of quality accommodation are often called “outdoor hotels”, were unknown and often presented in a negative context. These efforts have resulted in camping today being understood in Croatia as a good and positive tourist product, and with the entry of new trends such as glamping, certainly an excellent tourist product.In the segment of Robinson accommodation, Palman emphasizes that it is not a “camping” product, and based on their development experience, propose the introduction of minimum control mechanisms to avoid natural events and uncontrolled development processes, and call on the Ministry of Tourism to take into account the following views:LGUs must manage this process (it is necessary to define the methodology, eg possible tools are spatial plan, standardization of required permits, defining the minimum plot area – etc. which ultimately allows management desired development).Enable development only outside the settlement (with the option to, for example, count in the quotas of maximum capacities / beds of the tourist zone outside the settlement; development is by no means possible within the settlement.Robinson accommodation must remain reserved for areas in the immediate vicinity (to define, eg 2 km) it is not possible to meet the requirements for categorization as a real camp (infrastructure connections, construction…).Categorization must be performed by the Ministry (as for hotels and camps), and not by local state administration offices.last_img read more

27 Sep

UN resolves to combat poaching in light of Cecil the Lion

first_imgSouth Africa pulling all stops to combat poaching Cecil the Lion was illegally killed in Zimbabwe Cecil the Lion was illegally killed in ZimbabweThe United Nations called on its member states Thursday to work harder in combating poaching of endangered species such as elephants and rhinoceroses.The General Assembly resolution was the first of its kind but not legally binding. Still, it reflects worldwide opposition to illegal hunting.The assembly expressed concern over what it called a steady rise in the level of rhino poaching and alarmingly high levels of killings of elephants in Africa.It said such killings “threaten those species with local extinction and, in some cases, with global extinction.”There are now an estimated 470,000 African elephants living in the wild, compared to 550,000 in 2006, said the NGO Elephants Without Borders.And since 2007, famed Kruger National Park in South Africa has lost hundreds of rhinoceroses to poachers eager to sell their severed and powdered horns in Asia, where they are sought for their alleged aphrodisiac effect.Mozambique has lost half of its elephants in five years, and it is believed rhinoceroses became extinct in 2013.The vote also coincided with global outrage over the killing of a beloved lion in Zimbabwe that was allegedly lured from a national reserve outside regular hours and killed by an American hunter.UNPRECEDENTED RESOLUTIONThis was the first time the United Nations dedicated a resolution specifically to the fight against poaching.Previous resolutions from the Security Council simply made references to how rebel groups poached animals to finance wars.Gabon and Germany sponsored the resolution, which was also supported by more than 70 countries. It also called on consumer nations to take measures to combat sales of products from poached animals.China accounts for 70 percent of world demand for ivory, NGOs say. They say China’s zeal for ivory is responsible for the death of 30,000 African elephants each year.The three countries or territories most heavily involved in smuggling of ivory are Kenya, Tanzania and Hong Kong.“This is a historic step made by the international community,” said Gabonese Foreign Minister Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet.“This phenomenon hampers investment, especially in areas where illicit activities are undertaken,” he said.“It represents a real threat to the stability of our state.”The resolution encourages member states to “adopt effective measures to prevent and counter” wildlife trafficking.CECIL THE LIONIt concerns both regions where wildlife and poachers roam such as in some African countries and consumer countries such as those in Asia.The resolution also calls for bolstered legislation at the national level to prevent, investigate and prosecute the illegal trade, and make such trafficking a “serious crime.”Issoze-Ngondet, addressing another recent case of high-profile poaching, called the killing in Zimbabwe of Cecil the lion “a matter of deep concern” for African countries.“Like most people in the world, we are outraged at what happened to this poor lion,” Germany’s UN envoy Harald Braun added.Conservation groups like the WWF and TRAFFIC welcomed the UN vote.“This is an historic day,” said TRAFFIC executive director Steven Broad.“The world has sent an unequivocal and collective signal at the highest-level that ending wildlife crime is a top priority.”The WWF hailed what it called a “new phase” in the fight against wildlife crime.“This landmark resolution proves that ending wildlife crime is no longer just an ‘environmental’ issue and not just limited to a few countries: it has become a priority for every nation,” said WWF International director general Marco Lambertini.Related 2 Zimbabweans Face Charges over Death of Cecil the Lioncenter_img Zimbabwe buys drones to combat elephant poachinglast_img read more

16 Sep

Man Utd and West Brom share the spoils.

first_imgManchester United left it late to salvage a 2-2 draw at West Brom in the Premier League last night.The home side led twice during the match, but Daley Blind hit a late equaliser for United.It’s a result that leaves Louis Van Gaal’s team sixth in the table, with Albion moving up to 14th.last_img

13 Aug

NBC will use artificial crowd sounds to enhance Premier League broadcasts

first_imgNot the good kind like when Nathaniel Rateliff cranks up the Danocaster and the Night Sweats horn section behind him starts to play, and not the bad kind like a thunderstorm that wakes you up from a good night’s sleep. We’re talking about the fake kind.MORE: What to know about Premier League’s returnWith sports around the world gradually returning to competition without crowds permitted in the stands to watch, those televising have had to decide whether to show the games with only the ambient sounds of players communicating, equipment colliding and maybe even the odd bit of trash talk — or with artificial noise that is designed by sound engineers to follow the flow of action.NBC Sports announced Thursday that when the Premier League returns June 17 with a game between Aston Villa and Sheffield United, it will use artificial crowd noise to enhance the telecast. It will be produced by EA Sports. Those who prefer to avoid the artificial sound will have the option of watching online on the NBC Sports Gold platform.Using artificial sound became the course taken by Fox Sports with its telecasts of the Bundesliga. It aired early games without the sweetened audio, then made the decision to switch. When ESPN showed the DFB Pokal semifinals this week — that’s the German cup competition — it did not use enhanced sound.That appears to be what the public wants, at least from an unscientific Twitter poll I conducted Thursday afternoon. Out of 122 votes, 56.6 percent preferred the games that were televised with artificial crowd noise, 43.4 percent prefer games with ambient sound.With the NWSL Challenge Cup commencing June 27, Major League Soccer’s MLS is Back Tournament kicking of July 8, the NHL and NBA set to return to action sometime in late July — and Major League Baseball possibly who-knows-when? — this is a decision that will face U.S. broadcasters in all our major team sports.Though artificial crowd noise may be the preference, support is not nearly unanimous. Avi Creditor of Sports Illustrated praised the work of the sound engineers who were so accurate and timely with their insertions of cheers, jeers and chants.“But it’s all disingenuous,” he wrote. “There’s no need to paper over what’s happening. Clubs are playing in empty stadiums because of a pandemic that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and impacted millions of others.”German fan Marcus Sotereanos told NPR that if games are to be played, they should be televised as they are and not adjusted to make them more palatable for television viewers. Earl Lalone of Clayton, N.Y., told Sporting News on Twitter, “I prefer the ambient sound but must admit the crowd noise hasn’t been as bad as I thought and has been done well.”I’ve seen games televised both ways and it hasn’t impacted my viewing experience either way. In fact, the first time I watched a game that did have artificial crowd sound, I didn’t even notice. My wife had to point out that it was happening.One thing we all know: It will be spectacular when spectators safely can return to attending games and making that racket for real. In a sports world in which there have been no big-league baseball games played for three months, no hockey games, no basketball games and no soccer games from Foxborough to Los Angeles, we occasionally have been reduced to debating the most curious matters.All sports arguments may be noise, in a sense, but this one actually is about noise.last_img read more

13 Aug

Wednesday November 20th Local Sports

first_imgAMES, Iowa (AP) — Solomon Young scored 14 points, Prentiss Nixon added 13 and Iowa State eased past Southern Miss 73-45 on Tuesday for its second straight win.Tyrese Haliburton had 12 points with nine assists and three steals for the Cyclones (3-1), who used a 15-2 run to close the first half to pull away.After a sluggish start, Iowa State held the Golden Eagles scoreless for nearly five minutes in building a 33-20 halftime lead. The Cyclones then reeled off 11 points in a row to make it a 60-34 game midway through the second half.Iowa State once again struggled from beyond the arc though. After going just 3 of 25 in a win over Northern Illinois, Iowa State was 5 of 22 against the Eagles.George Conditt had nine points, six rebounds and four blocks off the bench for the Cyclones.Boban Jacdonmi scored 10 points for the Golden Eagles (1-3). Southern Miss went 0 of 16 from the 3-point line and didn’t shoot its first free throw until there was 2:47 left.Iowa State is now 3-1 and will face Michigan in the Battle 4 Atlantis Tournament next Wednesday morning at 11:00 AM. CEDAR FALLS — The Northern Iowa Panthers close the regular season at home this weekend against Western Illinois. The Panthers are 7-4 after getting hammered at South Dakota State.That’s UNI coach Mark Farley who says it is a similar Western Illinois team to the one that beat the Panthers 37-17 a year ago.Kickoff on Saturday is scheduled for 1 o’clock. CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (AP) — Trae Berhow poured in a career-high 36 points and Northern Iowa breezed to an 87-67 victory over UT Martin on Tuesday night.Berhow made 13 of 17 shots from the floor, including 8 of 11 from beyond the 3-point arc.AJ Green had 14 points and nine assists for the Panthers (5-0). Austin Phyfe added 11 points on 5-of-5 shooting and 11 rebounds for his first double-double of the season. Isaiah Brown pitched in with 11 points, five rebounds, four assists and two steals.Parker Stewart hit four 3-pointers and scored 22 for the Skyhawks (2-3). Derek Hawthorne Jr. added 18 points and eight rebounds, while Quintin Dove tallied 12 points and nine rebounds.The Panthers knocked down 32 of 54 shots (59%) overall and 16 of 34 from distance (47%).UT Martin shot 41.5% (22 of 53) and 36% from beyond the arc (9 of 25).UNI turns right around and hosts Cornell College tonight at the McLeod Center before heading off to the Cancun Challenge next week. IOWA CITY — Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz says he is not surprised with the success that Illinois is enjoying this season. Winners of four straight the Illini visit Iowa in the final game in Kinnick Stadium.Ferentz says the rebuilding efforts of fourth year coach Lovie Smith are taking shape.Iowa has won five in a row in the series and 10 of the last 11.Kickoff in Iowa City is scheduled for 11 o’clock, with the pre-game at 9 o’clock on AM-1300 KGLO.center_img AMES — Iowa State will honor 20 seniors on Saturday when the Cyclones host Kansas. ISU coach Matt Campbell says it is a class that had blind faith when he took over the job.It is a senior class that Campbell says has been a big part of the turnaround of the program.Campbell says Kansas has made strides under first year coach Les Miles. The Jayhawks are 3-7.Kickoff on Saturday is scheduled for 11 o’clock. BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Zach Parise scored twice, Alex Stalock made 30 saves and the Minnesota Wild beat the Buffalo Sabres 4-1. Jason Zucker had a goal and an assist, and Jonas Brodin also scored for the Wild, who improved to 4-2-1 in their last seven. Brandon Montour scored for the Sabres and Linus Ullmark stopped 22 shots. Buffalo is on a 1-6-2 skid and battling injuries at the forward position following 9-2-1 start.last_img read more

22 Dec


first_imgIt’s D-day for more than 2,000 Leaving Cert students across Donegal today.Four happy girls. Crana College students Emily Bird, Lisa Ferguson, Courtney Barron and Eileen Doherty pictured together with their excellent Leaving Cert results last year.Today the students will receive their results and decide what direction their careers will take.A total of 2,134 students sat the exams in June and are now awaiting the results of that hard work. Although their identity is no known just yet, one student got a maximum of nine A1s, while a further right across the country got 8A1s.Students have been warned to celebrate responsibly with friends this evening.The majority of students will call to their schools in person to collect their results but others may decide to check them from midday online.We will keep you up-to-date with how Donegal’s students gone on throughout the day. MORE THAN 2,000 DONEGAL STUDENTS TO GET LEAVING RESULTS TODAY was last modified: August 12th, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalLeaving certlast_img read more

7 Nov


first_imgThe New South Wales Touch Association (NSWTA) has announced finalists in all categories for the Annual NSWTA Awards to be held at Bankstown Sports Club on Saturday 21 July 2007.The prestigious awards will be presented at the 2007 Blues Dinner that will also commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the New South Wales Touch Association.The evening will celebrate the achievements of the last twelve months for affiliates, participants, and volunteers of the NSWTA. In a boon for the Blues Dinner, Former elite swimmer and multiple Commonwealth, Olympic, and World championship medallist Elka Graham will be the special guest speaker for the gala evening.The Blues dinner will also pay homage to Southern Suns and NSWTA legend Rod Wise, and bestow Life Membership, and Hall of Fame status to exceptional contributors to the sport in New South Wales. 140 guests have already signaled their intentions to attend the evening that promises to be a memorable occasion for both the foundation members of the NSWTA and the young guns of the sport who will celebrate the rich tradition and history of Australia’s foundation State Association.New South Wales General Manager Dean Russell is excited about the response to the Blues Dinner and is looking forward to a night of celebration and recognition for the many people in the NSWTA fraternity who help to make the sport the success it is across the State.“It should be a fantastic evening. Primarily it’s about recognizing our volunteers and the people who work so hard to make our affiliates and the sport so strong. Elka Graham’s involvement as guest speaker for the evening is tremendous, and the response from members wishing to attend so far has been overwhelming. It will be an historic occasion being the 35th Anniversary, but it will also be lots of fun and a chance for everyone to celebrate a great 12 months for the State,” Mr. Russell said.Tickets for the evening are $45- per person and are available from the NSWTA office.If you wish to attend either please contact Jarrat Wood or Kylie Russell on 1800 640 668.The Blues Dinner will be held in conjunction with the 2007 State Conference that will be conducted from Saturday 21-Sunday 22 July.The conference will be attended by 80 plus delegates from affiliates from all over the State.The State Conference offers theory and practical sessions with up to date strategic and operational tools for Administrators and affiliates, as well as technical arm development in refereeing, selecting, and coaching for affiliated members, as well as the opportunity to network with affiliate representatives and some of the sport’s leading administrators and technical personnel from all over the State.The Conference Program is available by following this link: http://www.nswtouch.com.au/uimages/419.xlsThe Finalists in the Blues Awards for 2006 are:AFFILIATE OF THE YEAR(Will be awarded from one of the six regional winners)Southern Suns:JerrabomberraWaggaMoruyaSydney Rebels:CampbelltownEastern SuburbsUNSWSydney Mets:PenrithLower Blue MountainsBlacktownSydney Scorpions:ManlyParramattaHornsbyHunter Western Hornets:ParkesNewcastle CityWallsendNorthern Eagles:Inverell JuniorsBallinaTamworthREGION OF THE YEARSouthern SunsSydney MetsHunter Western HornetsVOLUNTEER OF THE YEARCathy Moylan- PenrithLuke McKenzie- WaggaLeo Driscoll- The RockADMINSTRATOR OF THE YEARJenny Thomas- Inverell JuniorsAnnette Thomas-Schumacher- JerrabomberraJohn Ryan- Eastern SuburbsLyn Eason- Forster TuncurryCOACH OF THE YEARPeter Forrester- CanterburyWade Jenkins- CanterburyJason Hunt- Eastern SuburbsMick McDonald- Western SuburbsSELECTOR OF THE YEAR(Will be announced on the evening)MALE PLAYER OF THE YEARGarry Sonda- CanterburyDaniel Rushworth- Western SuburbsJoel Willoughby- CanterburyJason Stanton- Western SuburbsFEMALE PLAYER OF THE YEARKristy Judd- Eastern SuburbsAmanda Judd- Eastern SuburbsClare Winchester- CanterburyLouise Winchester- CanterburyJUNIOR MALE PLAYER OF THE YEARDean Springfield- PenrithMaurice Kennedy- HornsbyScott Naughton- YassJUNIOR FEMALE PLAYER OF THE YEARAmy Regal- WollongongNicole Beck- WollongongSophie Broadhead- Goulburnlast_img read more

27 Oct

College Spun’s Staff Picks For Week 4 Of The 2015 Season

first_imgStaff pciks for week 4 of the college football season. Church Ole MissTwitter/Ole MissWeek three of the college football season delivered, yet again, further adding to the confusion regarding the playoff picture. In our current College Football Playoff rankings, we only have teams from two conferences – the SEC and the Big Ten – in the field. But that’ll change by the end of the year, given the fact that some of those teams have to play each other.Last week, it was Ole Miss’ victory over Alabama that served as the most interesting contest of the weekend. Which will it be this Saturday? Utah vs Oregon? USC vs. Arizona State? UCLA vs. Arizona?We’ve made our picks for the week. Check them out below:staff picks week four 1staff picks week four 2staff picks week four 3Who do you have?last_img read more

27 Oct

Ric Flair Congratulates Jim Harbaugh On His 7th Child Via Twitter

first_imgRic Flair seen at a WWE event.Monday, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh revealed at one of his program’s camps that his wife, Sarah, is pregnant with the couple’s fourth child. Harbaugh, who is 52, also has three children from a previous marriage, which means that he’s soon going to be the proud father of seven kids.Former WWE star Ric Flair, who is a big fan of Harbaugh (and vice versa) has now publicly congratulated the Wolverines head coach on Twitter. He also made a wife joke in the process. Flair, for the record, has been married four times.Congrats to my man @CoachJim4UM on number 7! (Kids, not wives!)— Ric Flair® (@RicFlairNatrBoy) June 20, 2016We’ll see if any other celebrities chime in to congratulate Harbaugh – Flair likely won’t be the last.last_img read more