19 Dec

Amazing Preservation Fails to Shock Evolutionists

first_imgThe first question ought to be, how can such things survive hundreds of thousands or millions of years? Frozen Ecosystem tiny Arctic plants and mosses were last alive when the ice enveloped the land. As the ice melts, Pendleton said, it exposes this ancient, delicate vegetation. Wind and water destroy the long-lost plants within months, but if researchers can get to them first, they can use radiocarbon dating to determine the age of the vegetation. has been under the ice for 120,000 years. Aren’t the researchers concerned that radiocarbon should all be gone by then? With a trick of storytelling, they stre-t-t-t-ch the timeline by 80,000 years: Spider in shale still glows (Tae-Yoon S Park / Paul Seldon) That’s not all. The Fox News story says that “the rocks where the spiders were found also contained the remnants of tiny fish and crustaceans.” Spiders do not typically live with fish and crustaceans, do they? Were the evolutionists ashamed to have said these rocks were 100 million years old? No; they were glad! Dead men do bleed. Glowing retinas are found in many organisms. What causes the phenomenon? Cells in the retina contain reflective layers called tapetum lucidum, Science Direct explains. In other words, the spider eyes still glow because remnants of cellular proteins are still working. And this was found not in amber, but in shale, a rock where the soft tissues of a spider should “decay entirely soon after death.” Evolutionists used to state adamantly that proteins, cells and DNA could not last for a million years, let alone ten thousand. Any biological material would become permineralized and turn to stone in short order. But when soft tissues started turning up fossils from the age of dinosaurs and earlier, they began saying, like the dead man, “Well, I’ll be. Soft tissue can last for tens and hundreds of millions of years.” Watch them do it right here. Keep poking the evolutionists and showing the blood. Maybe they will finally get the point that the evidence shows they are not physically dead, but just spiritually so. “These spiders were doing things differently. … It’s nice to have exceptionally well-preserved features of internal anatomy like eye structure. It’s really not often you get something like that preserved in a fossil,” Selden said in his statement.center_img Ancient, fossilized spiders still have weird and glowing eyes (Fox News). A spider found in shale is claimed to be 100 million years old, and yet the back of its eyeballs still reflect light. Live Science explains: (Visited 784 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 In short, what they measured gives a 40,000 year radiocarbon age (not necessarily the true age, because of assumptions in the method), but the ice cap was three times older than that, they claim. And yet many of the “delicate plants” were found in “growth position,” they say. To believe they are that old, they have to believe that the ice never moved or melted before now, even though they admit that the ice has grown and shrank over different time periods. When the first dinosaur blood vessels, proteins and skin cells were discovered, many creationists thought the fix was in for the moyboys. It turned out, though, that evolutionists are like the man who thought he was dead. His doctor asked if dead men bleed. He said, “No, dead men don’t bleed.” The doctor proceeded to poke him and red blood started coming out. The man responded, “Well, I’ll be. I guess dead men do bleed.” Retreating Ice Exposes Arctic Landscape Unseen for 120,000 Years (Live Science). As Arctic ice retreats, a long-preserved landscape is becoming visible once again. Evolutionists claim the ecosystem, including Glowing Spider Eyes Spider fossils are rare, the researchers wrote in a paper published online Jan. 28 in the Journal of Systematic Paleontology. Their bodies are so soft that they typically decay entirely soon after death, leaving no trace unless they happen to end up trapped in amber. But 11 spiders from the Cretaceous period have turned up preserved in shale on the Korean Peninsula. And two of the fossils included the still-shiny traces of sparkling eyes. They found that all of their samples were at least as old as the oldest age that radiocarbon dating can detect: 40,000 years. That’s a direct indication that the plants had been under ice for at least that long, the researchers reported Jan. 25 in the journal Nature Communications.last_img read more

27 Oct

College Spun’s Staff Picks For Week 4 Of The 2015 Season

first_imgStaff pciks for week 4 of the college football season. Church Ole MissTwitter/Ole MissWeek three of the college football season delivered, yet again, further adding to the confusion regarding the playoff picture. In our current College Football Playoff rankings, we only have teams from two conferences – the SEC and the Big Ten – in the field. But that’ll change by the end of the year, given the fact that some of those teams have to play each other.Last week, it was Ole Miss’ victory over Alabama that served as the most interesting contest of the weekend. Which will it be this Saturday? Utah vs Oregon? USC vs. Arizona State? UCLA vs. Arizona?We’ve made our picks for the week. Check them out below:staff picks week four 1staff picks week four 2staff picks week four 3Who do you have?last_img read more

27 Oct

Ric Flair Congratulates Jim Harbaugh On His 7th Child Via Twitter

first_imgRic Flair seen at a WWE event.Monday, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh revealed at one of his program’s camps that his wife, Sarah, is pregnant with the couple’s fourth child. Harbaugh, who is 52, also has three children from a previous marriage, which means that he’s soon going to be the proud father of seven kids.Former WWE star Ric Flair, who is a big fan of Harbaugh (and vice versa) has now publicly congratulated the Wolverines head coach on Twitter. He also made a wife joke in the process. Flair, for the record, has been married four times.Congrats to my man @CoachJim4UM on number 7! (Kids, not wives!)— Ric Flair® (@RicFlairNatrBoy) June 20, 2016We’ll see if any other celebrities chime in to congratulate Harbaugh – Flair likely won’t be the last.last_img read more

15 Oct


first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Twitter Advertisement Login/Register With: Facebook “Killing Eve” Season 2 is well on its way. For anyone unconvinced, BBC America offered up a pre-weekend treat with a few early glimpses at the new batch of episodes coming next year to the network. Newly minted Golden Globes co-host Sandra Oh returns as Eve Polastri, the MI5 official whose hunt for the prolific assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) brings the two closer than either of them could have expected.None of the first look photos feature the two together (audiences will have to wait a while for another dinner table summit), but there are plenty of clues as to what kind of new dangers each character will find themselves in once the story picks back up again. Advertisementlast_img read more

14 Oct

Want to ask the Prime Minister a question Click here to find

first_imgAPTN National NewsFor the first time in its history, APTN National News will interview a sitting Prime Minister.On June 3, Justin Trudeau will sit down with APTN National News host Cheryl McKenzie to talk about First Nation, Métis and Inuit issues.Want to ask a question about water? Education? Housing? Pipelines? Treaties? Justice?There are a number of ways to do it.Tweet: use the hashtag #aptntrudeauFacebook: Write out your question.Watch live across the network at 12:30ET.Want to ask your question now? Send us an email.last_img read more

13 Oct

Troubled meat market is key supplier for Haitis capital

first_imgPORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – La Saline slaughterhouse is a nightmarish panorama of animal blood, body parts and detritus. It’s also an essential part of the economy of the Haitian capital, supplying meat to restaurants, street vendors and stores.Associated Press photographer Chery Dieu Nalio spent nearly a month documenting conditions in the market and the lives of more than 100 people who work there. He found a constant struggle to make ends meet in the face of unhygienic conditions, poor regulation and even deadly violence.More than 300,000 goats are butchered every year in La Saline, at the edge of a slum by the same name that forms part of the sprawl of the capital, Port-au-Prince. The market is mostly a dirt yard, with a few huts made of worn sheet metal, wood and cloth. Chunks of raw meat sit on tables for purchase by customers. The remnants of slaughtered animals are dumped in a canal at the entrance of the market, filling the area with a foul stench and causing flooding in the surrounding neighbourhood.Outside the market is the neighbourhood known as La Saline, so violent that market workers and customers frequently have to dive to the ground to avoid stray bullets.Customers, neighbours and even the market’s workers say Haitian authorities have long failed to take any action in to improve conditions there.Butchers are paid $10 for $20 for each goat they slaughter for individuals. They get no money from wholesale customers, but rather keep some parts of the animals to sell to retail buyers.Other workers skin the animals, clean them, transport them and sell them to customers. Etty Felix, 50, and Monise Jironer, 54, remove waste from goats’ intestines, disinfect them in boiling water and sell them to vendors who make bouillon to sell. They receive 16 cents per intestine.Market owner Polynice Amboise, 65, said the market has been repeatedly moved by Haitian administrations, from inside the slum to the seaside and back again.He said that since Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake killed an estimated 300,000 people and threw the government into crisis, he hasn’t paid taxes for the market and the government has taken no action to improve its conditions.“The authorities don’t come. I bring all my papers to City Hall but they never get back to me,” Amboise said. “I am not happy with the situation of the market. The workers also are not happy.”Youri Chevry, the mayor of Port-au-Prince, said the situation is complicated by a broader problem of lawlessness, but which he claims is improving. A U.N. peacekeeping mission recently left Haiti and the country is re-establishing its own army, a force supposed to be dedicated to maintaining domestic order.“Everyone knows that this zone is a lawless area, a red zone with armed people that create a lot of problems,” Chevry said. “Step by step, peace is returning in the area. Step by step, we will get control of the slaughterhouse.”last_img read more

12 Oct

Rafale case Will first decide preliminary objection raised by Centre says SC

first_imgNew Delhi: The Supreme Court Thursday said it will decide first on the preliminary objections raised by the Centre and then go into the facts of the Rafale fighter jet deal case. A bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi wrapped up the hearing on preliminary objections by the Centre that review petitioners in the Rafale jet deal case cannot rely on privileged documents obtained illegally. It will be known later as to when the order will be pronounced on the issue. Also Read – Squadrons which participated in Balakot air strike awarded citations on IAF Day The top court asked the petitioners seeking review of its order to focus on the preliminary objections regarding admissibility of the leaked documents. “Only after we decide the preliminary objection raised by the Centre, we will go into the facts of the case,” said the bench, also comprising Justices S K Kaul and K M Joseph. At the outset, Attorney General K K Venugopal, appearing for the Centre, claimed privilege over documents pertaining to the Rafale fighter jet deal with France and told the Supreme Court that no one can produce them in the court without the permission of the department concerned. Also Read – SC declines Oil Min request to stay sharing of documents on Reliance penalty Venugopal referred to section 123 of the Evidence Act and provisions of RTI Act to buttress his claim. He told the top court that no one can publish documents which relate to national security as the security of the State supercedes everything. Advocate Prashant Bhushan, one of the petitioners seeking review, opposed the submission and said that the Rafale deal documents, which AG says are privileged, have been published and are already in public domain. Former Union minister Arun Shourie, who is one of the review petitioners, submitted that he was thankful to the Centre and the Attorney General for saying in their affidavit that these are photocopies, proving the genuineness of these documents. Bhushan further said that provisions of RTI Act say public interest outweighs other things and no privilege can be claimed except for documents which pertain to intelligence agencies. There is no government-to-government contract in purchasing Rafale jets as there is no sovereign guarantee extended to India by France in the Rs 58,000 crore deal, Bhushan said. He also said the Press Council of India Act provides provisions for protecting sources of journalists. Senior advocate Vikas Singh, appearing for another petitioner Vineet Dhanda, said that the government cannot claim privilege on these documents. Yashwant Sinha, another former Union minister, is also a petitioner seeking review of the Supreme Court verdict of December 14 which held that there was no occasion to really doubt the decision making process warrenting setting aside of the defence contract for purchase of 36 Rafale fighter jets from France.last_img read more

12 Oct

Postpoll fracas rages on in Bhatpara Madan lodges complaint against BJP

first_imgKolkata: Post-poll violence continued in Bhatpara on Monday, after the area became chaotic on the day of the last phase of the Lok Sabha elections. After the polling process ended on Sunday evening, crude bombs were hurled and bullets were fired in several areas of the Bhatpara Assembly constituency throughout the night.Both BJP and Trinamool Congress accused each other for the violence in Bhatpara. Madan Mitra, the Trinamool candidate contesting from the Bhatpara constituency, lodged a complaint with the Election Commission against BJP workers on Monday. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaTill Monday, police initiated two suo moto FIRs and arrested 34 persons for alleged rioting. Additional Director General (ADG), Law and Order, Siddh Nath Gupta informed that section 144 has been imposed in Bhatpara on Monday. After the polling process concluded on Sunday, Meghna, Arya Road and Chalta Road areas turned into battlegrounds as workers of both the parties got involved in clashes. It has been alleged that BJP backed goons attacked Trinamool workers and set fire to some of their houses. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwaySince Sunday night, Rapid Action Force (RAF) and Combat Force along with Central Forces were deputed in the area, to maintain law and order. On Monday, Mitra went to the EC along with Trinamool youth leader Samrat Topadar and lodged a complaint against BJP for allegedly instigating violence in Bhatpara. “On Sunday, Central Forces practically gave protection to the hooligans who had hurled crude bombs targeting my car. Arjun Singh is spreading lies stating that I had instigated violence with the help of outsiders, when he is the person who is creating violence,” said Mitra. Meanwhile, BJP workers and supporters put up a blockade at Kankinara railway station since 7:05 am on Monday morning. As a result, train services were disrupted on the Sealdah-Ranaghat section for almost two and a half hours. Following this, BJP workers agitated in front of Jagaddal police station, demanding immediate release of the persons arrested. Later, police intervened and forced the BJP workers to withdraw the agitation. Normal services resumed in the section after 9:13 am. Due to the blockade for such a long time during peak hours, 20 local trains had to be cancelled. Seven Up and four Down local trains had to be short terminated, while 13 local trains ran late. As a result, daily commuters had to face immense harassment. A RAF personnel was hit by a bullet fired by miscreants on Sunday. The injured person, identified as Raju Dey, was rushed to a private hospital in Mukundapur where he underwent a major surgery on Monday. Several others were also injured in shootouts across the area. The bullet had entered through the cheek bone on the right side of his face and got stuck under the right ear, next to a crucial nerve. After almost two and half hours of surgery, the bullet was extracted.last_img read more

18 Sep

Report Buffon to undergo PSG medical next week

first_imgGianluigi Buffon is set to undergo a medical next week ahead of completing his free transfer to Paris Saint-Germain, reports Football-ItaliaThe 40-year-old is now officially a free agent after his contract at Juventus expired on Sunday.Buffon had been expected to retire from professional football at the end of last season, but instead held a press conference in May announcing his intention to prolong his playing career.Neymar, BrazilNeymar can win the Ballon d’Or, says Ander Herrera Andrew Smyth – September 13, 2019 An “excited” Ander Herrera believes new Paris Saint-Germain team-mate Neymar is a contender for the Ballon d’Or alongside Kylian Mbappe.While Buffon’s 17-year association has come to an end, the Italian has received a numerous amount of offers and now appears set to complete his free transfer to PSG next week.The 2006 World Cup winner is expected to sign a two-year with the Ligue 1 giants for a reported €8m per season plus performance-related bonuses.The Italy legend is set to displace current PSG goalkeeper Alphonse Areola as the club’s new number one for next season under new head coach Thomas Tuchel as the capital side look to finally win the Champions League for the first time.last_img read more

18 Sep

Hazard on Chelseas bounce back ability

first_imgChelsea’s unbeaten run at home came to an abrupt end on Saturday afternoon against Leicester City, and Eden Hazard believes the team can recover from the defeat.The Foxes sealed three points for the first time in over 18 years at the Bridge thanks to the solitary strike from Jamie Vardy, despite Chelsea’s dominance.However, Belgian skipper reflected on the loss prior to the Hornets clash.“I think I can do better but that is football, sometimes yes, sometimes not,’ said Hazard about his narrow miss. ‘I will try to score next game.“We just missed the shot on the goal, that is it. We hit the woodwork twice, their goalkeeper made some great saves, we were unlucky, but I keep the positives in our heads and now we move forward and try to win game after game.’WolverhamptonMatch Preview: Wolverhampton vs Chelsea Boro Tanchev – September 13, 2019 Wolverhampton will host Chelsea at the Molineux Stadium in one of the most interesting Premier League games this weekend.Hazard is not startled by the loss to a mid-table side at the Bridge, especially on a day when Crystal Palace won away at champions Manchester City and agrees it is all about the response now.“We knew it before that in the Premier League there is no easy game,’ he told the club’s site. ‘Every game is hard and when you are unlucky you can lose.“They [Leicester] have the players. Vardy scored and he is a fantastic striker, their goalkeeper is a fantastic goalkeeper so they know what to do. We should do better but in the end, they have three points and we have zero. We just need to look forward.“We lost against Wolverhampton and we responded in a good way [by beating Man City] so we know what to do.”last_img read more