18 Nov

The caterers of Istria and Kvarner will close the bars for 60 minutes tomorrow

first_imgThe Association of Caterers of Kvarner and Istria has launched an action to save jobs and preserve the economy, and is asking those responsible for a lower VAT on food and loans for liquidity and investments. The caterers of Kvarner and Istria will close their catering facilities on Thursday, September 10, starting at 11:55 a.m., in order to warn of the difficult situation in which the caterers found themselves due to the coronavirus pandemic and to encourage urgent action by the responsible institution. preserving jobs and preventing the collapse of the economy. It’s a name action “5 to 12” initiated by the Association of Caterers of Kvarner and Istria, with the intention of saving the fate of thousands of employees in the sector, but also to encourage citizens and caterers to show solidarity. The Association of Caterers of Kvarner and Istria invites caterers from their region to join the action “5 to 12” and close their facilities for 10 minutes on September 60, thus making the responsible authorities aware that it is really “5 to 12” to take further steps. They also call on all citizens to show solidarity and understanding for the period of the day when catering facilities will be closed to support the action. The measures adopted so far have saved over 700.000 jobs and saved the Croatian economy until the beginning of the tourist season, but this solution is unfortunately only a temporary salvation, he points out. Vedran Jakominić, vice-president of the National Association of Caterers, a well-known Rijeka entrepreneur and owner of the popular King’s Caffe, and adds: “Tourism as a sector of the economy accounts for a large share of Croatia’s GDP. The close connection of tourism with the catering and event industry makes them interdependent, ie the survival of one is crucial and absolutely necessary for the survival of the other. In an effort to maintain the same level of offer to which guests are accustomed, the caterers have completely exhausted all the resources at their disposal and for them further business is not possible without certain measures and assistance.” The very name of the action indicates the importance of speed of reaction in order to preserve jobs in the coming months. The symbolic temporary closure of catering facilities is intended to indicate the possibility that these hours will become a much longer period of time. To prevent this, caterers are demanding that the responsible authorities suspend the collection of VAT until March 01, 2021, lower the VAT rate on food, including beverages, to 10%, and support through liquidity loans and investments in cooperation with HAMAG BICRO and HBOR. The Association of Caterers of Kvarner and Istria conducted a survey on a sample of 500 caterers, of which even 60 place records a decline in business of over 50 placeuntil done 40 place believes that in the current conditions it will not survive until next season. Besides, even 80 place employers in the hospitality industry, will be forced to cancel contracts with employees due to business downturns and other inconveniences that have befallen them. last_img read more