1 Sep

Resident Evil 7s 4D VR Candle Will Let You Smell the Horror

first_imgI don’t even know where to begin with this one, so I’ll just dive right in. Retailer Merchoid will be releasing an officially-licensed Resident Evil 7 candle to coincide with the game’s launch. The purpose of the candle is to help immerse those who play Resident Evil 7 in VR even more by scaring their olfactory senses.This 4D candle (I thought time, not smell, was the fourth dimension) is supposed to smell like old timer and blood. Appropriate given how the game takes place in an old wooden home filled with bloodthirsty maniacs, but that sounds like something that’ll linger in the air long after the candle has been extinguished. How do you explain that smell to your friends, significant other, or kids?“The 4D candle is 100 percent officially licensed Resident Evil merchandise; this means Capcom have smelt the candle and found it scary to enough to give their seal of approval,” said Merchoid. “We’d even suggest that using the Blood, Sweat and Fears 4D Candle is the definitive way to experience the game. Be careful, though, with an experience this horrifying, the candle might not be the only smell you notice in the room…”Well, I did say that the game should be played while wearing diapers. At least I agree with Merchoid on that.While this idea is pretty ridiculous, I have to give these guys props for thinking outside of the box. However, I would caution anyone burning one of these candles to keep it as far away as possible. If you’re supposed to burn this while playing the game in VR, there is a risk of accidentally hitting the candle during a frightening moment. Then you’ll be left with a smelly, burnt home. You don’t want that.The Blood, Sweat, and Fears 4D candle will soon become available to pre-order from Merchoid.com for $15. If you buy one of them, we won’t judge. Promise.last_img read more