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Titanfall beta explained in GIFs

first_imgIf you’re one of the lucky few to score an invite to the most anticipated beta of the year, there’s a good chance that you’re asleep somewhere drooling onto your Xbox One controller after hours of smashing metal monsters and catching bullets with your chest. For the rest of us, the only option available is to sit back and watch as Respawn polishes their shiny new game to perfection and gets Microsoft to fix their controllers. If you’re wondering what the Titanfall Beta is all about, we’ve got a fun breakdown for you.For the uninitiated, Titanfall combines a fast paced, futuristic military FPS combat game with a massive mech combat game. You play a Titan pilot, whose abilities include wielding a crazy jetpack to run up walls and perform insane parkour style stunts as you sail through sub-urban environments with your weapon loadout of choice. If you’re in an environment where you are fighting other pilots, the game can feel a lot like a futuristic Call of Duty at times. Those moments are scattered across battlefields littered with hulking robots called Titans, which you can choose to either climb in and pilot or instruct to do your bidding remotely. The end result is a fantastic orchestra of explosions and weapons fire, where you are just as likely to be stepped on by an enemy mech as you are to be picked off at range by an enemy sniper rifle.Standby for Titanfall…In the Titanfall Beta you start out as a lowly level 1 pilot with pre-made weapon and item loadouts for you and your Titan. Everything you do in game scores you experience points, whether it’s killing an AI, holding a hardpoint, or even just calling for your Titan. Eventually you climb up in the levels, some much faster than others if you’re better at the game, but the beta caps at level 14. Each level opens up a new thing for you to play with. Sometimes it’s a new customizeable loadout slot for you or your Titan, sometimes it’s new gear or upgrades to existing gear, but it’s almost always something to help you out in your future campaigns. The Titanfall Beta also revealed temporary bonus cards that you can get to help you out for a single life during a mission. These cards are earned by completing challenges in the game, and often give you an incredible bump over the competition until you are eventually gunned down.The first few rounds you are going to do a whole lot of this. You are going to die a lot, and most of the time it will not be even remotely graceful. The ease with which you die encourages you to take advantage of the stealth features in your suit, but even when you’re cloaked other pilots can spot you relatively quickly as a big grey blur.Taking on a Titan by yourself is not impossible, but it is challenging. Titans can drop you in a single shot, they can step on you, and they can reach down and punch your body into the dirt. Your best bet is to either shoot at them from cover with your anti-Titan weapon or use your speed and stealth to perform what is called a rodeo takedown. The idea is fairly simple, and the Pilot does a lot of the work for you. All you have to do is sneak up on the pilot and jump on his head to start the rodeo…… and then use whatever you have to take it down. Once the Titan has entered Doom state, it’ll blow up on its own in a couple of seconds. This is the perfect window to get away before the Pilot jumps out of the mech and hunts you down.If you’re in a doomed Titan, you are able to eject and get yourself somewhere safe before it blows up. In your Titan loadout, you can even install auto-eject capabilities. Alternatively, you can install a nuke to make sure anyone in the vicinity regrets being near you when your Titan explodes. It’s all about whatever tactic suits you best.Currently there are three missions available in the matchmaking setup. You can play a straight up bloodbath Attrition match, where the goal is to kill everyone on the other team and score the most points. Attrition is a good place to learn the mechanics of Pilot combat, since that’s basically all that is going on. The Hardpoint Domination matches are more about teamwork and tactics. You have to maintain control of three hardpoints for longer than the other team, which is fairly straightforward until the giant robots get involved. Last Titan Standing is more of a sport than a tactics game. Everyone starts off in a Titan, and whichever team has the most Titans at the end of the match gets a point. The first to four points wins the game. No matter which game type you play, it’s all earning you experience points to your next level.The three game types are played across a couple of maps, but even after five straight hours of gameplay I found I was still exploring new parts of the map. These levels are incredibly well designed, and the gameplay is so fast paced that you will find it hard to grow tired of either of these maps. The maps offer wildly different experiences, one that is mostly open with some cover and buildings and one that is mostly urban with a few open areas. Surprisingly neither is better for Titan combat, because your tactics remain mostly the same in both spaces. Seek, lock, destroy, and survive until your next Titan is available.That is, of course, unless you die. If you die and your Titan is ready you can just drop from the sky already inserted in your gigantic mech, ready to wreak havok wherever you are randomly dropped.All in all, the Titnafall Beta is a huge win. As more players jump in and experience the game, Respawn will get what they need to make sure combat is flawless for the March launch on the PC and Xbox One. Over the next few days more and more players will receive invite codes for the game, either via email or by stalking Vince Zampella’s Twitter account where he seems to be giving game codes out like candy at halloween. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Titanfall3Titanfall3Titanfall2Titan Loadout 2Titan loadout 3Pilot Loadout 2Pilot LoadoutTitan LoadoutPilot Loadout 3last_img read more