21 Sep

World of Warcraft exploit sees entire cities die

first_imgYesterday there were mass deaths across entire cities in World of Warcraft with the locations confirmed as having their populations depleted including Draenor, Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Ragnaros, Tarren Mill, and Twisting Nether . While players were initially amused, it soon turned to concern as it was realized entire realms were full of dead players and non-player characters.Blizzard was quick to respond and confirmed late yesterday that an exploit had been used by someone to carry out the mass in-game murder. Thankfully a hotfix has been issued and Blizzard has promised such a thing cannot happen again, unless of course another exploit is found that enables it.It doesn’t look as though Blizzard know where the attack came from as they are asking for player help to track down the culprit/s. Due to the short time the game was effectively dead to some, Blizzard is only issuing an apology rather than a few hours of time back to any player affected by the exploit.There’s sure to be a number of upset players out there seeing as this happened on a weekend, but at least Blizzard was quick to react and fix the problem.This incident wasn’t planned, but Blizzard has run some in-game events in the past that affected masses of players. A good example is from back in 2005 when a contagious plague was transmitted unintentionally to a city and continued to spread across the game killing both players and NPCs, turning it into an epidemic.More at the Battle.net forums, via Joystiqlast_img read more