18 Sep

‘The Return of the Dragon` can happen – Bristol

first_imgTHE advent of COVID-19 has given Dexter Marques enough time to think and reflect. In doing so, Marques came to grips with the fact that he really has two persons on his mind. One is Leon `Hurry Up’ Moore and the other is Elton Dharry. The obvious reason is that both gave him the two blemishes on his professional record.Moore TKOed Marques in the second round in June 2009. However, fresher in the memory of the former national bantamweight champion is his loss to Dharry.Marques was stopped in the seventh round by his USA-based opponent in May 2011 at Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. At stake then was the World Boxing Council (WBC) CABOFE bantamweight title.Promoter Seon BristolThe defeat has left a sour taste in the mouth of the stylish fighter who has ever since been hoping to repay Dharry, in full.  So while COVID-19 has caused others to let their guards down, Marques would have been filling up on ways to attract and then defeat Dharry.  “Leon Moore doesn’t fight anymore so I don’t think there is a way of me getting him out of retirement. I’ll have to live with that. Dharry is currently active and fair game. I did a lot of wrong things in our previous fight and I now better understand the way to take care of this youngster once he has the guts to get back into the ring,” Marques bragged recently.So confident is the former champion that he has forwarded a request to promoter Seon Bristol of Bris O Promotions to make the event happen. “Next four, five or six months, next year doesn’t matter to me. But the earlier we get it on the better. Once COVID-19 is off I’ll say let’s get it on,” Marques added.When contacted, the Brooklyn USA-based boxing promoter Bristol acknowledged that he has been approached and has interest in making the card he dubbed, `Return of the Dragon’ happen.Elton Dharry“I have had extended relationships with both fighters and in my opinion they make solid foundation for a mega event in Guyana. However, a lot will depend on COVID-19. Once we can get past that then it’s a go for me,” Bristol stated.“We have heard from Marques. I think the appropriate thing now would be to hear from the Dharry camp,” the promoter concluded.Since his last defeat, Marques has chalked up nine victories. He has not competed since January 2018 but is confident that two months of work will put him in the shape that will worry, confuse and ultimately defeat his USA-based opponent.“I am never too far from the gym. I live the life of a true fighter. This fact is easy to prove, just get Dharry into the ring. I am now turning this over to Mr Bristol and Dharry. Let’s get ready to rumble.”last_img
17 Sep

BSA holds vigil for racial violence

first_imgThe event was organized to remember black men, women and youth who have been victims of violence, particularly in cases when race played a part. During the vigil, 12 people from the crowd read the stories of black men and women who were killed in the United States, a list that spans the past 70 years. A candle was lit next to the victims’ pictures on the steps of Tommy Trojan.“I hear about these stories all the time,” said De’Ron Marques, a BSA executive board member. “We want to have others take note of these deaths and hope that people outside of this community take light of the situation.”BSA Executive Director Ama Amoafo-Yeboah said she was overwhelmed by the cross-cultural support the event received and believed it raised the necessary awareness of the reality facing minority youth.“Tonight really helped to highlight all the victims of violence,” Yeboah said. “But unfortunately this is only a small percentage of people who died everyday.”The list of people included George Stinney, who at 14-years-old became the youngest person to be executed in the United States since the 1800s, and Ayanna Stanley Jones, a 7-year-old who was shot in the head during a police raid on her house. The most recent cases were 17-year-olds Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis in Florida, who have received national attention in the media.Many participants said they felt honored to be part of the event to raise awareness for these crimes. Josh Carroll, a junior majoring in digital and print journalism, said the event was particularly important to him as an African-American male.“I’m glad to be a part of bringing awareness of people being killed, especially since these people were around our age, who was also one of the speakers at the vigil,” Carroll said. “Without these vigils, their stories would be overlooked.”The candlelight vigil capped off the events BSA had planned for Black History Month. More than 60 students, bikers and pedestrians paused near Tommy Trojan Wednesday night to participate in the Trayvon Martin-Jordan Davis Candlelight Vigil hosted by the Black Student Assembly.Remembrance · More than 60 students, many from the Black Student Assembly, gathered at Tommy Trojan on Wednesday night to share stories of victims of racialized violence over the past seven decades. – Austin Vogel | Daily Trojanlast_img read more