21 Sep

Encrypted calling app RedPhone goes open source on Android

first_imgHave you ever heard that mysterious click, or burst of static on a phone call and wondered if someone was listening in? Obsessing over such things might be a sign of a larger issue, but if you want to be sure no one is spying on you, there is always RedPhone for Android. Whisper Systems released an official app a while back, but now the product is going open source.RedPhone is designed to provide end-to-end encryption for all calls made with the service. Getting up and running is as easy as installing the beta app in the Play Store. You will register a RedPhone account with your device’s mobile number and nothing else. The app has it’s own integrated dialer and contact manager based on the open Android dialer.The catch is that for privacy, both parties need to be using RedPhone for the encrypted connection to happen. If you try to place a call to a non-RedPhone user, the app will ask if you want to send them an invite to the service. You can still proceed, but there’s very little point if security is what you crave.When you receive a RedPhone call, the device will wake up and ring just like it would for a normal call. It is worth pointing out that this is technically VoIP, and not a cellular voice call. The encryption is all handled by the RedPhone servers, which bypasses your carrier’s network.By making RedPhone open source, it could attract more developers to the project. Various third-party dialers could pop up that use the protocol, and perhaps even some custom ROMs will end up with RedPhone integrated.The source code is available on GitHub for the coders out there. Whisper Systems also has a wiki where technical details are posted to get you started.via Whisper Systemslast_img read more