29 Nov

The deep meaning of clear and stand outside the station anchor text anchor text

1, outside the station anchor text to focus on diversification, namely not sticking to a keyword, or as an example to our keywords A5 website, A5, Admin5, network owners, so when we construct the station anchor text link can use these keywords are separate layout, each keyword can be full display, this can help keywords are effective ranking.

station anchor text can be understood as a form of links site layout, the main role is to help the station anchor text within the site to get good traffic forwarding, help the search engine through the anchor text draw the keyword weight of your site, then how can we do the work station layout of the anchor text to read more

29 Nov

Solve the website and website content does not match the actual snapshot

Header (" Location:; $url"


and a higher priority than the site itself or in the site permissions, the default file file with a code to call his file, to judge a person or a spider

in file

if (strstr ($referer, " baidu" & & strstr) ($referer, " 456"

$file=" 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/ /3.html " Shanghai Longfeng;

It is found by

is a spider for the show from the content, if someone is showing the normal page in the FTP account password step check, read more