29 Nov

Solve the website and website content does not match the actual snapshot

Header (" Location:; $url"


and a higher priority than the site itself or in the site permissions, the default file file with a code to call his file, to judge a person or a spider

in file

if (strstr ($referer, " baidu" & & strstr) ($referer, " 456"

$file=" 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/ /3.html " Shanghai Longfeng;

It is found by

is a spider for the show from the content, if someone is showing the normal page in the FTP account password step check,


is the second way I, added the following PHP code


but he said to me that his client website is not like this, and this has nothing to do, I opened the actual content of domain name is



really and I think is the same, it proves my guess, this is the root directory on the web site to add a malformed file, let this file cannot be deleted



QQ the day before yesterday, I asked you, I see is a business park when friends, chatted up, his company website was hacked

? ]);


; Sent a message from a friend

is a commercial site, then my idea is very clear, we can be sure of is people and spiders see the contents are not the same, this is also a commonly used black hat tactics, so you can get a lot of the chain, in order to further confirm my ideas, I decided to use Spider Simulator results as below:



$agent= strtolower ($_SERVER[" HTTP_USER_AGENT"

)) malformation

if (ereg (" 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/search/spider.htm" $agent,



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