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diversified flow1, the search engine

2012 so quietly, Shanghai dragon who experienced the doomsday test, ushered in the new year 2013. In the past year, generally are still in use in Shanghai Longfeng old-fashioned means of website promotion, through the search engine to bring to the site traffic. This is the right way, but Xiao Bian also said, bring traffic to the site is diversified, not only the search engine in this way.

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a lot of rich experience in all know, the search engine ranking is not always stable in the first, because its control is not in our hands, every update love Shanghai and other search engines, are likely to let your ranking plummeted. So, for a wide range of traffic sources is necessary is necessary, this is to ensure that even in the absence of search engine rankings still can bring traffic to your site.


diversified traffic sources

is the most commonly used network, video website is Youku, potatoes, Sina and so on, we can upload the video, or through technical means, such as service such as video tutorials or share the experience to get traffic;



paid advertising

site traffic from search engines is the most, this is also why we Shanghai, such an industry will exist. This road traffic can not be ignored, we all do Shanghai Longfeng, on this point but explained, including blogs, forums, micro-blog, quizzes and other means;

direct access, not only refers to the search through the search engines, but directly enter the domain name to visit. Of course, it is almost impossible for a new station, so we need to promote our brand, let more people know our brand and our domain name, web site traffic and let fly;

a lot of Shanghai dragon will think, with paid advertising work is contrary to the Shanghai dragon. Wrong, Shanghai dragon to do is to increase site traffic, but also including such a method. The most common way is to pay love Shanghai auction through the auction to get a good ranking of keywords. You can also in some sites enough to buy advertising, guide the user to

video This is a very


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