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Li Yu when you venture to the bottom of the valley what do you doDouble income secret shlf1314 adve

after six months of hard work, in A5 re learning to do site since the first stop, soubq finally stable in 1200ip. shlf1314 daily clicks at 30-80 0.5-0.8 knives. Click rate is quite low, the unit price is also quite low. Later in a webmaster party heard optimization advertising this concept, to research a lot, first discovered, entertainment Station Click price is fairly low, but I had to do entertainment related station, so the price is very low. For example, this station, one click 0.01-0.05 dollars. Later made a multi language foreign station, friends to help point, 0.3 dollars, a few times worse. Just that English station is too garbage, I can not foreign language, so just to test, did not seriously develop.

When she finished

then tested the industry station, and each click was basically over $0.1, much better than the entertainment station. Such as 52fengshou.cn, the agricultural industry station, but two months, when ip100, shlf1314 revenue has been comparable to the soubq1000ip. Only 3-5 points a day. Each click is 10 times higher than the unit price. And www.52link.net this stationmaster serves kind of station, this year has done the batch link search station after year, now 1000IP, everyday shlf1314 is in 1 dollars above.

but these two industry stations, although shlf1314 unit price is higher than the entertainment station, but the advertisement spot has not specially optimized, therefore compares the master station income to be far away. So, in this regard, work hard, produced creative advertising network www.dimad.cn and entrepreneurship knowledge lecture www.ruhechuangye. These two sites are put into operation at the beginning of May so far, sh419 is not included, even in yesterday is little advertising, but price is not too low, click rate reached 4.35% thousands of times show benefit rate reached US$4.77, and my entertainment site click rate is generally 0.0X%.

1, place the navigation bar on the general site, place the shlf1314 link advertising code, and navigate to another location.

sum up your experience,

left grand, Li Yu said to her boss, Chen Tianqiao, "don’t take away one of the soldiers, one piece of paper, one word. I don’t take it with me."." However, one of her secretaries still resigned and chose to start a business with Li Yu.

was founded by Li Yu and her husband, Chen yao. Prior to this, Chen Yao is executive vice president of Noah Education Holdings Group. In 2007, Noah successfully listed on the New York stock exchange, becoming one of the largest domestic financing enterprises listed abroad. When Li Yu decided to start his business, he said to Chen Yao, "when you’re on a mountaintop to climb another higher mountain, you have to go down and hit a low point.". Otherwise, how do you get up the mountain?

in 2010, and about the beginning of the Zhangjiang hi tech network office space in Shanghai, more than 200 square meters of the room, there was a time a man sitting inside, only Li Yu and follow her assistant.


2, advertising as much as possible

2009, Shanda games Nasdaq, when Li Yu’s CEO, a year later, chose to leave, founded, focused on maternal and child, women’s social electricity supplier". This is the beginning of her transition from professional managers to entrepreneurs.

| xiahong

from professional managers to entrepreneurs,


two, the effect of advertising optimization.

4 years ago, Li Yu decided to climb down a mountain and climb another mountain.

look at yesterday’s shlf1314 advertising report, found that 2 sites less than 2 weeks, sh419 did not include new sites, advertising display less than 20 times, but have been clicked 1 times, and 0.11 knives, I feel very pleased. 1 more than the other station a day is also happy. Because these two stations are specifically aimed at shlf1314 advertising optimization, just a few days to see the effect, of course, very happy. The following text is written for rookie Adsense look, birds can be ignored.

to fight the occupation manager, when starting a turn a dark valley, is what she feels about


1. Difference in advertising unit price

from 1999 to 2004, Li Yu worked at Microsoft, Office and Windows have any Redmond headquarters and the Xbox team manager after the 2005 occupation; join in royal, she served as the director of the center is different, after the senior vice president of Shanda, after April 2008, she is the CEO of shanda.

"Shanda" after the listing, whether I personally or the industry have reached the top of the mountain." Li Yu said, end swim to 2010 has been in the platform period, "even if a hundredfold efforts, there will be no new experience.". "Am I on the top of the mountain for the next twenty or thirty years?"

leave, why? "If you’re a bold and courageous person, what a good turn to be?" Li Yu was slim and soft and gentle when talking to me. However, insiders told me that the past Li Yu is a sharp Speaker: "after entrepreneurship, this style has changed a lot."."

vertical community platform "talk about babies", the main period care of social media "aunt" and provide psychological counseling services "talk about psychology" is about 3 excellent products, Li Yu hope they can form an ecosystem services in maternal and female market. >

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