16 Sep

Optimization of Wenzhou Shanghai dragon on the inside pages of the site

website well, may bring you tens of thousands of IP is, we don’t need too much included, only need home page can be included! My website 90% IP from the home page, you can love Shanghai, noble baby "the Wenzhou Shanghai dragon", can understand it! Keep 36 ranking nobility baby the name, is still on the rise ceaselessly. And you want to do keyword density problem, new sites and an important chain, I suggest to have sex in Shanghai space, Sina blog, news blog, blog etc. These chain weight high, and several PR value higher, such as Admin5, im286, alimama, xkzzz, phpwind, discuz>

now more and more master love to use the inside pages to do website ranking, the benefits of doing so is obviously the first cost was reduced, and resource has become more accessible. On the other hand, as the difficulty of the ranking is increased, because of this, the more the master chose to use the inside pages to do rankings, so more can show their strength level. The true master is not care about what kind of website, because they have the strength of the reuse, the reality is that, to do good There are plenty of people who the inside pages of the site ranked high. If you love Shanghai in the home to see a few pages regardless of whether or not a competitor, you may have a heartfelt tribute to them.


yes, all the words are pale, only the strength to explain everything. Within the page and congenitally deficient to fight the "powerful", is The weak overcame the strong. story. These turn bad into good webmaster is our hero. Yes, don’t complain get the station is not good enough, make up the so-called difficult, all roads lead to Rome, some people love to do regular good station, some people love the garbage station, but the purpose is the same ranking for the search engines, in order to make money. How to run a good stand, there are a lot of senior master share the successful experience of everyone. Today I and you talk about how to do a "garbage station".

although I am not a Shanghai dragon master, but the "dump" to now is a little experience, in here and share, hope and encourage novices, they want to master can be generous with your criticism. How to go to the Shanghai dragon is the key, doing before you want to choose keywords, general dumpster domain name to and subject to the same or similar, this domain name is a necessary condition for the Shanghai Phoenix, here is an example, my a station is selected the keyword "Wenzhou Shanghai dragon" as I the theme of the site! Select the keyword is a technique where new friends should avoidmaking, select the keywords refer to Shanghai love index index.baidu贵族宝贝, generally for new friends do keyword index should be below 5000, the competition is relatively low, but also a chance of some! Shanghai Longfeng station what is the most important

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