12 Sep

The love of Shanghai data open platform to enhance the user experience and brand value


this is the love of Shanghai is the official statement, there are some difficulties in understanding, said bluntly, love Shanghai data open platform is to provide a free official customer service calls for some domestic influential brand enterprises, if you search for a business in Shanghai love company name + customer service, love Shanghai it will show you a call. When it comes to this perhaps we still don’t understand, directly above.


this is my refrigerator bad, I love Shanghai search for beauty service, want to consult them, I did not expect such a bold call sign. Personal feeling of the service call is eye-catching, but also can increase the user trust the sense of customer service phone. After all, now the Internet era of rampant false information, users still have some doubts on some of the information on the internet. See the beauty of this phone, I think, our company can also complete such a call? Second days after work, I also landed to love Shanghai open platform, to simply look at some standard love Shanghai open platform, we feel quite complete formalities, offer a try a look at the attitude to love, did not know Shanghai will pass. In second days I submitted, I was surprised to find that my original application is successful, very excited ah, with you in our company’s customer service phone:

love Shanghai open platform this concept may all a lot of people do not know, love Shanghai open data platform in the first half of this year has been in the test, the official website is still open to the majority of the last few months. The following is the official explanation:

2. love Shanghai data open platform including PC and mobile terminal end data submitted data submitted two entrance, webmaster resources will be based on user needs to submit the search results page in the PC or mobile terminal in Shanghai to show different love.

1. love Shanghai data open platform is based on the love sea Box Computing advanced technology concept, high-quality data and Shanghai love connection webmaster search results open platform. The quality of data obtained by the structured stationmaster, love Shanghai search results page "search" search show.

and in the love of Shanghai open platform we can set our brand name with multiple keywords, I set up a total power customer service, customer service, Hubei Cheng Li Hubei Chengli automobile customer service, customer service, Sales Department of Hubei Cheng Li Hubei chengli special automobile service, Hubei chengli special automobile Limited company customer service 6 keywords, because the user search habits are different, so we need to put the possible users search words are written up, so we can easily find the user. I think as a consumer, if the supplier can see the customer service phone to get so eye-catching, the user might think the company pay more attention to this piece of customer service.


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