12 Sep

How to judge Guan Jian’s words to optimize the degree of difficulty

third, a copy of Guan Jian words to love Shanghai from the search box bidding number to determine if a word, Guan Jian is very hot, it is certainly to have the price, this is inevitable, if some words by Guan Jian index query tool is very high, but when you search it are rarely found unexpectedly at the site, the this index is certainly not true.

fifth, a copy of Guan Jian to love Shanghai word search box from the enterprise station number to judge, general company’s Guan Jiansi is the company’s station to participate in the rankings, the number of enterprises station can also determine the difficulty of the word Guan Jian, if you search for a Guan Jian word, search out the results found there is little or no business station, show the results are some third party websites.

keyword? Keywords refers to purchasing customers looking for your products in the search engine, there may be used to search words, you hope that it will be ranked to the major search engines on the location of the word, do the optimization, it is very important for the selection of Guan Jian words, if you choose to the Guan Jian word layout strategy can be said to be in the optimization process will be discussed here from the first half, the conversion rate, discuss only from the optimization difficulty Guan Jian words, here are some method to judge the difficulty of the word of Guan Jian.

first, using third party tools (such as webmaster tools or love station tools) to directly query the Guan Jian word index, according to the index to determine the size of the Guan Jian word hard, usually below the Guan Jian 300 index is conducive to optimization, Guan Jian 300-800 index is difficult to optimize, Guan Jian more than 800 words is difficult to optimize, but we all know that the index is cheating, sometimes the index can not reflect the degree of difficulty of a Guan Jian word, then it also integrated some other factors to be judged.

second, a copy of Guan Jian words to love Shanghai from the search box to determine the number included, included the amount below 1 million is usually easy to optimize the word Guan Jian, this kind of general Guan Jian word can also be said to be the long tail word Guan Jian, usually it is not the index, such as the printer Guan Jian word definition, UV tablet then the corresponding printer belongs to the Guan Jian word easy to optimize, between 1 million -300 10000 Guan Jian word is Guan Jian word is easy to optimize, is 3 million -800 million words Guan Jian soft hard optimization, more than 8 million words above is Guan Jian Guan Jian words are hard to optimize, this figure basically with the first third party the Shanghai index data analysis tool of love is the same.

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fourth, a copy of Guan Jian to love Shanghai word search box from the number of top-level domain name to judge, as we all know, the highest part of a net weight is of course home page, part of the top-level domain name, everyone in our Guan Jian layout are generally Guan Jian cloth core word home page, column page layout is the core of Guan Jian’s Ci course after the page or product page layout of the long tail word Guan Jian, so when you search for a word if not all Guan Jian is the top ranking in the home page, if there are a large number of pages of words, the choice of words such as Guan Jian is to optimize.

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