11 Sep

Single day restoration of love Shanghai K station one and a half months operation record

2, want to have patience.



After the

13 days post update snapshot. Although there is no flow in, but soon, how to restore the K station, said here refers to the following operation I, although lasted half a month, not fast, but it is restored.

After the

K station, Ken >

recently love Shanghai repeatedly, so many owners began to lose, in fact, most of the owners but also give vent, website or to do, or to please love Shanghai, K station, or want to restore. I CD package, before September 22nd when 4 of the weight of the old station, suddenly there is no weight, followed by the love of Shanghai, you don’t know. Didn’t want to write how to restore the site, because the recovery is too much, but think carefully, and I may have the same friends, has not recovered, so simple to say things before we write again. I as before the publication of this article, in the love of Shanghai site:www.***.net, more than 20000 have included, also next update snapshot.

K station, in addition to Xunyiwenyao everywhere, is to make the site laissez faire retention. After the first part of the analysis, to do, and then the normal update site, this time, friends of the chain basically does not add, after all, no one love and standing K links. Can an appropriate increase in the chain, is appropriate, rather than mass to mass, hair.


K station, I didn’t go to the webmaster nets just put an end to the common K Street, station cause check website. As for the common K station (those reasons, believe that this is what you know can love Shanghai, I will not go into. After analysis, the website) are not cheating, not selling links, no Trojans, no revision. The only other possible reason may be the server currently in use is not too stable, a month for a few days, slow to open and no difference. So at the end of September for the server, and then stick to update, until November 9th, began to have included, by post, has been restored to 1 of the weight.

too many people say, but there are more people, found the K station, go to the Webmaster Station called love Shanghai, then get back is to get used to it, the other is not what. K stop or continue to be K. Common problems, no longer. The love of Shanghai K station has its reason, may sometimes miss K, but this soon love Shanghai will recover. The site does have some problems, a careful analysis shows that K station, an antidote against the disease.

3, regular check chain.

site recovery screenshot

1, the first to do the analysis.

Most of the people after the

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