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The construction site in Langfang that Shanghai Dragon a reasonable set of keywords to enhance the s

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third: the long tail keywords

and the two key words in the use of Shanghai dragon operation is not difficult to achieve. So for small and medium enterprises, in the choice of Shanghai dragon operation to consider some of these factors.

, Shanghai dragon is not ranked but to achieve high conversion website. So what kind of keywords can enhance the site’s conversion rate? We don’t talk about the site itself today, talk about the problem of the conversion between keywords and. The best of Shanghai Longfeng simple talk about 3 points:

what is the general keywords? For example, if you are an education and training institutions, your main training business is JAVA. Then the general key is "JAVA training".

In fact, I think the ultimate goal of

for general keywords, it is feasible for the company in the industry to build brand early, if want to Shanghai dragon means in the short term to enhance the competitive industry general keywords is not possible.

believe we all know what the Shanghai dragon is the long tail keywords. Also know that these long tail keywords bring traffic is very easy transformation. For example, users to search the "Zhengzhou JAVA training institutions that" when the users have intention to learn JAVA 80%, he through the search "JAVA training", then through the search "Zhengzhou JAVA training institutions in the region of screening, finally determine the use of these long tail key words, and then it will produce consumer behavior.

users, they usually search for these general keywords is relative to the industry or service, are interested in. Want to direct through such words may conversion into is quite low.

1: General


Langfang website construction as Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, the core of the work has been carried out around in the key about. Keywords ranking in the search engine’s ups and downs also drives our inner feelings of ups and downs. Shanghai dragon because we do is search engine optimization. Enhance the specific keyword in the search engine’s exposure rate increase website traffic, so as to realize the transformation.


component of long tail keywords in Shanghai Longfeng in is very important, keywords can bring a good conversion rate is high quality keywords, some keywords if you do while the ranking is very good, but can not bring effective flow.

this keyword compared to general keywords to accurately, such as users to search the "Zhengzhou JAVA training", he could not just want to know JAVA training, he may want to Zhengzhou JAVA training institutions in understanding and to make a choice, so that some of the two keywords than what general keywords can to better enhance the conversion rate.


second: two

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