11 Sep

Something that is bullying by submitting Favicon to the station on 360

Qihoo 360 online search service has been more than a year, we all know it by the time of year and harvest the market share of 1/5, can be said to be quite successful. So when the website promotion seems to be slowly began to pay attention to your site in the search on the performance of the 360, after all but 1/5 of the search engine traffic entrance.

point above in the Internet too normal, because everyone is in their own interests. We provide to our free service, get some benefits for yourself is no ground for blame. So I just use double quotes word, because such a thing does exist, but it is no ground for blame. Below I will list some of my deep impression of things:

in fact, I personally think that this search 360 is this epigenetic, but in the webmaster services do indeed better, at least more transparent. For example, the ICO icon it, love Shanghai this thing we may not feel the brains, only know that those big sites have or do love Shanghai bidding there, no one let everyone know the standard, and recently to 360 Webmaster Platform found the channel can be submitted. In fact is not much, even that is easy: 1. website "high quality, good quality, the application period does not appear within the site can not be opened as normal browsing phenomenon; 2. ICP record and the site safety inspection station more than 85 points; 3. GPR higher than 4 or higher than 1000 PV (PV on the data provided by the 360. Check the PV website; 4.) guards the high-risk industry station (home decoration, medical websites, personal business station, blog etc. except); only 5. support level and two level domain name station; the width within the high 300KB PNG upload pictures.

Of course I

example: free forum. I used is perhaps many webmaster have.

today is not to discuss this issue, because the 360 can submit Favicon. I guess many webmaster all know, although I did not see the Internet too much about this news. And I’m through this submission experience reminded me of something that we were bullied station station. I submitted my first website very well, because I am very satisfied no matter which of the above conditions; but when the time I submitted second Fannan, because the provisions of article third of PR is greater than 4 or more than 1000 days PV. My second site PR is only 2, while the PV is over 1000, but he said here is provided by them, but also provides a PV link, but I did not see in the place where you can directly query. Later learned to use our web site security guards to statistics of it, and I was the Western digital agency, their use is now cloud server, cloud server is BGP multi line, so that what the root pressure to accelerate. But would like to submit this thing, they have to submit.

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