11 Sep

Share talk about these years of my journey to Shanghai Dragon

graduated from the University in August 2013 to start, the first job, my forum operation, although the university is e-commerce courses, but on the optimization, promotion, operation and so on, teaching is very broad, is still in the third was originated in the second half of my friends and classmates, because the guide accidentally, into the Internet industry, it is only once did, local forum at the University film station, game forum and so on, but ultimately survived a no, it’s quite ashamed of, do not say, say more are tears ah, or talk about forum for the situation, then in my work is the forum post operation, belonging to the Department of market management, our marketing department on the website promotion is mainly divided into two categories, one is by dealing with the media by A Micro-blog is led by her operation and management, Forum promotion and operation is mainly led by another B, we belong to the management category of B, with a total charge of 5 people, who recruited three new and old employees, two for the forum, two for the promotion. I was in charge of the forum, and later because I will need to turn for the promotion work, here I want to Tucao, the future with people to keep on, otherwise really quite hard to force.

is a young man who was watching the interview is pretty good, but after work, every time we are meeting groups without being scolded, can be said that when the pressure is really big, it is he in the forum operation this one is indeed very capable, but I think in team management, he this "Curse" strategy has really lost, whether new or old people do during the probation period of time, have been called in to survive, after a trial period, work together with you really better? Sometimes I really feel his promotion level really needs to be improved, for example, the company is doing mobile phone, said millet imitation, is really the copycat copycat machine machine, website exposure products in this fast is mainly is to cooperate with the third party website and media, and Third party media write promotion articles, copied to their website for this hyperlink will distract the weight, was not found to be nofollow out of the meaning, secondly to sell mobile phone, once a new web site to get rid of title, keywords, description, the search engine is very sensitive to what really made I was Speechless, repeated modifications of these things, then you should find a bid to do it.

Our director

said the year-end report actually basically no real written before, at the end of the year to write the log, can only be regarded as minor, not on the table to get out of work, after all is not long. But recently in the webmaster forum to see a summary or at the end of the harvest topic, so I think this is the end, also have a system summary, whether it is more or less, only summarized and they knew that they had any work, make a plan for the next step, want to stick out to share with you.

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