10 Sep

Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme how to choose suitable optimization scheme

analysis of


second do news source website, website forwarding less original you can be sure that the update frequency is no problem, but we need to consider the problems included, after all, forwarding website content search engine for search engines can not provide value is not love, it is considered friendly search engine.


personal website and enterprise small update frequency fast, the quality can not be too bad, then consider the problem is to set the keywords to get traffic ranking, then the ranking must want to do outside the chain, a good analysis of their web site in the face of Shanghai dragon can promotion positioning scheme the.

first personal website for example, your site is a personal website is the site keywords shall not exceed a maximum of 3 keywords, can be set to the area + terminology, the update frequency is too low to set keywords, website update frequency high site do not set the keywords is for the best. This page is not the weight ranking is high but the weight will not drop, this effect is in the weight of Shanghai’s own website article love than the set keyword ranking website. And set up the website article keywords weight is not so high ranking since.

analysis of their website is essential, only can apply. You know your website is a comprehensive portal site or professional portal, medium or small team website, personal website, website and enterprise. Clear your site to site location. Your website is the original article more or forwarded more sites. If you are the original more website that the quality of your original website, how the user experience. In addition, whether to do after the disposal of the news source site, want to do a news source site the minimum requirements of quality, the user experience of the return rate is high, update frequency how, or require the user submitting authors will be able to do active reading news source standard. If you are willing to do the news source site later must consider these issues.


wants to be a good salesman, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is essential, the search engine algorithm every day, Shanghai dragon rules forever. We as a webmaster or a Shanghai Longfeng promotion, need to have a suitable website optimization website promotion plan, different clubs are different, so in site optimization is different, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a long-term problem, not to mind. Must come up with a most effective on their website optimization and promotion plan. Although it is the media era how to attach great importance to the optimization over the search engine, but we do optimization is to save time and improve efficiency. Volleyball is ranked up after several years of bitter B days, the truth is really uncomfortable. Now to talk about network speed method to get a most effective solution to their website home page ranking easy access flow.

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