10 Sep

Shanghai dragon how to fix the index page easier for search engines to crawl

suppose we have a large e-commerce sites and decent, unique product page 1000. This page looks like this:





now let us say that each of these products "link to the product review page:

unfortunately, we just peel out 1000 duplicate pages, each review page is just a form of it, there is no unique content. The review "has a search value, is the dilution of our index. Therefore, we decided it was time to take action…


review "also has its own, unique URL (tied product ID), like this:


, it is reasonable. The problem here, though – the red arrow is cutting path, may prevent the spider.


we hope these pages, so we decided to use Noindex yuan (yuan robot) label. Because we really, really want to complete the page, we also decided to review the nofollow link. We first attempt to repair the end, looks like this:


On the surface of

I saw several common mistakes pop. A wrong idea, the index page, you should stop crawling path. Meaningful, right? If you don’t want the page index, why would you want to climb it? Unfortunately, although it sounds logical, is completely wrong. Let’s take a look at an example of


…For example: product reviews

"repair", the first part of



each product has its own URL page, of course, these are as follows:



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