10 Sep

Site optimization work should be a phased plan

Several phase

3, website content consistently included

The length of time required by the

if the website content is stable included, so congratulations to you, your website has achieved the trust of the search engine on the right track basic! How to do this? The only way is to update the website content, the amount of the chain at the same time, these will prompt or tell the search engines your website is "live", so as to obtain continuous trust it.

the foot of the above three stages in the work.

prior to carry out work to understand the "Shanghai dragon ranking is the result, the weights of the website is to improve the process of the truth. Can not be denied, the process is not possible without the formation of the. The weight is invisible things, how can we take the stage of this invisible target? Is not difficult, after all, the final ranking cannot do without the following three stages: 1, site indexed by search engines; 2, the website has a stable snapshot; 3, the content of the website can be sustained and stable to be included. The three points through the tools every day we can be found, so as to provide a reference standard for us, good planning stage and reasonable, let the search engine in the process of ranking of each key has become the goal is clear, so that we will not tolerate too much psychological pressure.

2, the website home page snapshot to the stability of

1, website search engine included

is included in the search engine, web sites need to be updated every day is the first condition of new home page has a stable snapshot. This can be done by the new home page on the linked list to achieve, because every time the update will automatically update the home page.

web server, attract spider crawling outside the chain of quality, and the value of the site itself, usually need a week. Specific operation method: submit a search engine, and then do the chain bait to attract spider crawling. Generally the first step can be omitted, but for the sake of safety, or submit the search engine.


website optimization workers are accustomed to focusing on the keyword ranking. Of course, the pursuit is not what keyword ranking can not, but when a great deal of effort was made after it was found that the search engine in each update after the keyword ranking when to see what changes, if you feel discouraged, even a bit downhearted? Perhaps for the optimization of network station workers, technology is not a problem. But the search engine keyword ranking algorithm is not controllable on the psychological pressure is a major problem. How to adapt to the requirements of search engines, to avoid the uncontrollable pressure? Let the work site optimization stage in the plan, each update target clear, make progress in their own hands.

implementation of the three stages of work site optimization Most of

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