10 Sep

Some views continuously updated original articles on Shanghai dragon blog

provide content to the user: first of all, the most important is to provide to the user, no matter what to write articles, the user is the ultimate beneficiaries, when someone came to your blog, feel the harvest, so that your content is successful. The possibility of only authorized users of website in order to have a sustainable development. Our blog is like a hotel, if you do the dishes taste very beautiful, then won the customers, the content of the website is equivalent to the hotel’s delicacy, good article can let the user enlighten thoughts.

before we start Chinese, first and everybody that is continuously updated and not updated daily, once every few days or once a week is a persistent update within the scope as long as insist on this, if one day suddenly update several or ten articles, and after a long time no longer update intervals and a large number of updates that will not called sustainable renewal. Well, said so much, to today’s text, respectively from the following five aspects do share.

to the search engine Watch: in fact, our blog search engine is one of the largest users, one hand, our website not only allows users to feel satisfied, more important is to let the search engine feel satisfied, because the site is necessary for the development of traffic, need to profit need popularity, many of these things are dependent on and search engine. The daily update or from a persistent, will let the search engine came to our site to harvest, over the long term, will give great weight.

local Shanghai now more and more dragon blog, some of their own interests, while learning while improving, so most of the articles are written by their original completed; and some blogs from team building, these blog updates will not be too frequent, but almost every other classics; commercial blog, blog content from some business the Internet pseudo original, some are updated. But no matter what kind of form, has been in continuous updating the original article, what is the significance? Today, according to their own experience, to talk about my blog on Shanghai Longfeng continually update some original article views.

flow and enhance the long tail: continuous writing is a good way to site traffic will gradually increase, while the long tail keywords ranking will gradually increase. Because there are many keywords or long tail keywords will be the title of the article or text, and we do a reasonable internal.

own ability: when many new Adsense just began to do did not intend to blog commercialization, blog is not their main business, just as a hobby, to cultivate their own ability, so the blog can be used as a tool in the process of the Internet, let us continue to adhere to the update, learn a lot of users the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, sometimes from his thinking, there is someone else’s point of view, their deep processing and development, no matter what kind of form, as long as you keep writing, write carefully, ability is in the imperceptibly improve.

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