9 Sep

Now do site optimization should not cry up wine and sell vinegar


is depressed, it is self-evident!

see here, many friends will feel today is a little small share of gold from the theme, because today is mainly for Shanghai dragon workers avoid cry up wine and sell vinegar of these details is very little, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng workers are very busy, no time to listen to this nonsense, oh, so, next we have to explain why Kim will ask such a question!

of course, someone asked someone to answer, one of the biggest part of Shanghai Longfeng workers are given the answer is used to cry up wine and sell vinegar gimmick, to defraud the maximum flow, or the use of some optimization "black hat" means, the rapid increase in the main site keywords ranking, maximum flow.

give you an example, I have a client, but also as a friend, had roughly taught him some knowledge of the site optimization, so they find ways from each site to intercept traffic, do a lot of station, tourism, news. All other industries do almost all have this friend’s website, then every site set up the jump function, when the customer to open the other sites, will automatically jump to master this friend optimization, what is more, there is a very popular language of network noun before a fire time on the Internet, as called "Yuan Fang how do you see?", so this friend will try to make this keyword love Shanghai home, finally from the traffic point of view is also very good, the good days flow The amount has tens of thousands, but did not get the ideal order phone, the


now, and do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends chat, said the maximum sentence is how to get more traffic? How to make web traffic quickly soaring? Use what kind of method can get more traffic ip.

can’t deny, website optimization friends, get traffic is indeed a step of a very important, but it is really very good? Really when get traffic to get benefits? In fact, Chuan Yi science and technology small gold feel not so far so simple, I feel, website optimization is a technology, is to use some informal means or cry up wine and sell vinegar means nothing less than his own petard, eventually will give us the love of Shanghai thunder


is very obvious, this friend appeared to cry up wine and sell vinegar phenomenon, please think about it, those who search for "Yuan Fang what do you think of" the word friend, will become potential customers to buy LED display (my friend is selling LED display), under such circumstances, pay again the effort to get the final flow, the results will not be as expected!

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