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Montana share how to avoid the repetitive URL love Shanghai included

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different states of the same entity, such as a hotel, at different time points has different room inventory: 贵族宝贝travel贵族宝贝/hotel/123/ checkindate=2015-06-09& checkoutdate=2015-06-10

for different channel flow statistics: 贵族宝贝a贵族宝贝/ tracking=website_a

statement, we only talk about the significance of search URL, which is the user from the search page. The other page according to the commonly used methods for shielding is good. In view of the amount included many webmaster love about the overall, I must pour cold water, may be included in your 1/10 is effective.

1. of the waste quota on your site search engine, thus affecting the normal page.

many students will have such doubts, the index tools display the index is very high but the numerical value of the total flow can not go, we did not find the station has low quality content, love Shanghai which is to lead to trouble? In mid June, eLong Shanghai dragon head Liu Ming recommended me he wrote "how to to avoid a lot of repeated URL included", found a cause of high flow and low volume index of solutions is given. In addition, if you have work experience, or want to share content on opposite sides of the existing content, welcome to the webmaster College journal.

is the world’s most wonderful is the Amazon, actually put into statistical parameters of path 贵族宝贝amazon.cn/abc/dp/B005TZHJEQ/ref=lp_2130608051_1_1

debugging: 贵族宝贝a贵族宝贝/product/item123/ debug=true


for the statistics of different channels, click on specific modules: 贵族宝贝a贵族宝贝/ tracking=website_a& click_spot=zone_abc


URL parameter

this problem has several disadvantages:


also called URL query, is one of the most complex, the most easily overlooked, most likely to be the question of compromise. He is an essential element in the website operation, if the simple removal, other departments can not work. The topic is static, URL parameters are often used in the following aspects:

2. lost should get the link points, the channel link is often the most excellent. With a score of URL could be dispersed into dozens.

The ?

3. Shanghai dragon flow is the.

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