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The content of the website is divided into three 50% original and pseudo original acquisition into t


original contentThe basic What is the basic

three, 20%

two or three pseudo original

of a web site, is the content of the website, the website has not content, even the search engine does not care. So the basic content is king, the more. But this is the basic ER Shanghai dragon who was a headache. So here I like to share my experience of website content.

, a 50%

acquisitionIn fact,

acquisition also has certain advantages, thus enriches the content of the website, and if you love Shanghai collection content was first included, then love Shanghai current technology will think your article is original. So how to control the number of collection, here I recommend manual collection of resources. If you use the automatic collection of words, the content correlation can not control, to remove the discomfort, it will take more time, so that the manual collection. Of course, this collection of content is not too much, the total content of about 2 into.

article by village public network 贵族宝贝cunwu.cuncun8贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon group contribute to share, please keep the link

of a web site is the survival of the website content quality, in today’s Internet world station groups, less original things. For users, he no matter whether you are original or non original, as long as the content is good readability. But the search engine of our readers, it is a technology to distinguish the original non original, although the technology is not love Shanghai, but the search engine is in progress. This is my site content here. First, some original article released on its website, and then take the chain in the one or two set of keywords, bold again in the content inside the head above two key words. Of course, this frame layout page on their own look, the original content of each person is not so much, the total content of original content website about 5 into it.

is not so much the original, we also want to appropriate pseudo original to enrich the content of the site itself. Of course, I say here is not to the pseudo original paragraphs on the other means, this article is not readable, many may also harm the site itself. I said here is to ensure that the pseudo original content itself still readable. You can use your own words to change with the title, summarize the content, can also be used to change some synonyms. But the intention is to ensure the readability of the content. Here is my pseudo original web content accounted for about 3 into.

, thank you!

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