8 Sep

The chain for the emperor of the construction of the soft chain should be diversified

write good soft Wen familiar platform submission, we all know that the concept of the original and reproduced, if you first time released to which sites, which sites you collected, and then sent to the other platform, other platforms have been recognized as the article is reproduced, and your original articles are sent to the same time a platform outside the chain form is too limited, the weight of search engine website may be reduced, so we can write the appropriate release to some other platforms, such as DoNews, W3SO station network, Shanghai dragon why, like the W3SO Adsense nets is appropriate to add anchor text links, this the effect for keywords ranking positive than >

second: soft release platform can change

chain, I believe that many owners are not unfamiliar, summed up the release of the chain form including pure text links, anchor text links, anchor text links to achieve diversification, not only for the one or two keywords as anchor text, these are that the chain chain diversification, diversification benefits in fact, in order to make their site outside the chain is natural, and for a website can not only enhance the overall weight of the site, you can also enhance the target keywords ranking.

now is generally at the end of YISHION submitted text links appear on the website, the chain can not click, which belongs to a relatively poor link, even if an article is reprinted hundreds of websites, is to bring some of the low quality of the chain, can improve the overall weight of the site, is very little for key ranking to take effect (only through the overall weight, therefore, driven by the keyword ranking) we can change our link to the appropriate strategy, in addition to the pure text links, we can artificial anchor text links properly, so that our chain form is diverse.

The first point:

soft link form can be appropriate to change the


Don’t forget The diversification of the Although

soft for the chain this fast, I believe many of my friends are very familiar with, a soft paper can bring us a lot of the chain, a few days ago in A5 and Chinaz Xie an article "the general keyword optimization need to pay attention to several points", through the audit, this view was reproduced the number reached 259, remove some people kill some related links and reproduced the page statistics inside, conservative is about 80 sites also have add their own links, such a soft Wen gave us a website dedicated to 80 the chain, can imagine the power of the soft. To take a look at the screenshot:

reproduced the soft, the chain brought to the site a lot, but in my opinion, the quality still needs to be strengthened, only some pure text links to bring us the weight is very little, and the hair of the chain form is too single, to talk about the construction of the soft outside the chain of how to face do diversity:

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