8 Sep

Taobao search keywords of home support a price surge flow

12.25, " " jacket; a word dropped to the bottom, show the index was only 68 million 960 thousand;

support during " long down jacket " the word click rate, click on the conversion rate were improved with different degree, on average costs decreased significantly;


12.24, " down " word show index plummeted 36 million;

a month before taking a daily consumption of 5000 women shop, in the train optimization process, a huge impact unwittinglymeet support Taobao home page keywords on the train account caused by the time spent a month of observation and analysis, trying to find out the Taobao keyword support rules, analysis of advantages and disadvantages to support keywords. The degree of utilization of this resource to improve the account given by Taobao.


replaced the support during " down " the word click rate, click on the conversion rate have decreased to varying degrees, the average click cost significantly;


at the same time, the original support " down " word:

support 2:

found my post on many other forums, please respect the original post, please indicate when: transfer from the school on behalf of this is a technology with

technology is not very careful, however, reminded many have very little or no concern this friend — owner scolded!

market analysis: the experience of the double eleven crazy, twelve again some overdraft consumption, down into the consumer market fatigue period, 11 days later, Taobao began to support the market down jacket, but the support for key words: long down jacket;

12.25, " " long down jacket; the word reached the peak, showing the index reached 40 million;

12.23, " down " show the word index is maintained at 112 million 500 thousand

! Keywords Keywords

and Taobao " support, support long down jacket; " word:


support 1: long down jacket

on the 12.24 day after the Taobao home page to support " long down jacket " show the word index jumped to 34 million

slim down jacket ;

12.23, " long down jacket; " show the word index is only 2 million 190 thousand


support: 2012.12.24-2012.12.27

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