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Examples of the adverse effects brought to the analysis of Pan Shanghai Dragon

How should we use the universal analytic ?

is under the customer’s domain name #贵族宝贝 a *.#贵族宝贝 analysis to the same IP address.


For example, ? What ?

so, www.***.cn normal access to, access to any other 3w.***.cn, as long as the "3W" is not BBS, then will go to

pan analysis is successful, can produce large amounts of the two level domain name or three domain names in a short period of time, that is to say, let the search engine in a short time in the collection to a large number of level two or three level domain name domain name page, in this way, will increase the amount included in the website, also can bring to the site a lot of traffic.

A few days ago by



called "can explain" domain name? That is a clear set of dns. For example, DNS set as follows:


pan after parsing the clutter domain

what is the pan analytic

is out of the question, the search engine is not a fool, a large number of duplicate content in different pages, search engines will determine not hesitate for Bi: Shanghai will love to deweight the domain name all two domain names, specific performance is not included or included a small number (usually 1) the two level domain name page, and Google on the two level domain name directly to.

What is the role of the pan analytical

2. to prevent user error due to input the website can not access the problem.


Webmaster Tools query site IP found a strange binding domain, then notify the treatment, but inadvertently discovered the use of a universal analytical problem has always been the site. Due to the use of the analytical, site:***.cn home page, there will be a lot of strange and eccentric two level domain name, the domain name may be used after leaving the user traces of search engine and recorded, as shown below:

pan analytic what adverse effects on Shanghai dragon

1. allows the domain name support unlimited subdomain (which is also the largest application extensive domain name analysis).

1, stop using the pan analysis, if you need to use the two level domain name, using the two domain name refers to.

1.#贵族宝贝 will automatically parse their clients set up to #贵族宝贝 with the same IP address.


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