7 Sep

Detailed usage of love of Shanghai index


first, view the search keywords heat; the most people will use, is the love of Shanghai index is larger, the user’s attention to the greater degree of

Figure 2

index is to love Shanghai love Shanghai love Shanghai news web search and search free based on massive data analysis services, to reflect the different keywords in the past period of time the "user attention" and "media attention".

second, search trends and search keywords rules (four, weekday / weekend);

fifth, mining; related keywords recommendation for mining long tail keywords, there are many other better tools, I used less often.

click on all can see his overall development trend;


based on these trends and laws can be a very good analysis: this word should not be done, there is no development potential, at what time to start to do the best, the employee should arrange at what time to work…… so as to achieve better to arrange related work.

written in the last: everyone should have their own tools used every day, as long as you pay more attention to it, you will find it usually has a better function or use. Life should be like this: as long as more and more attention to find, you will have more opportunities than others.

believes that many webmaster have all used to love Shanghai index, but most people just take a look. The size of index. In fact, his role is far more than that, today, Li bokee贵族宝贝 simply like to share their own experience:

Figure 1


third, multiple keywords search volume comparison; with similar keywords and contrast, combined with the trend of each search keywords, you can effectively see people’s search and search habits, habits change, etc.. In order to obtain a better keyword strategy, make the layout more reasonable keywords.


sixth, the area of attention, compared to a number of areas. Do BBS promotion, can according to this to do some targeted promotion, which area of the high attention to the appropriate local website promotion.

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can view the keywords in different seasons throughout the year concerned (Figure 1); click monthly, can see the user in the analysis of the working day and the degree of concern in the rest of the day, etc..


fourth, hot news; this is mainly to see this industry before what important news events, from news events can see what policies and industry trends. (Figure 2)



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