7 Sep

ASO Pinyin keywords today you did that

let’s cut, the key is whether ASO can use pinyin? Of course, intense competition in APP market in recent years increasingly fierce, with a mobile phone application market as one of the major sources of Download for APP users, ASO challenge is unprecedented. Therefore, do ASO, APP promotion operations as much as possible to the diversification of the choice of keywords.

why do you want to join your keyword Pinyin? User input habits is the main reason in our country, the two most common input method is the five stroke input method and the Pinyin input method, five stroke input method while the high-end atmosphere, but there are a lot of the same shoes fell in the jerky difficult to remember the root, also because many go to spend the same kung fu shoes to dorsal root, root practice. The Pinyin input very differently, I semester classes begin to learn pinyin, pinyin can be said is the essence of Chinese characters, in Chinese if there are people will not use pinyin typing, it is to be regarded as wonderful.


because the user habit of using Pinyin input method, so users in the application market search for a APP, or even directly use pinyin search, and if the APP does not have phonetic key words, so that the results may make you greatly disappointed.

your brand word do


keyword Pinyin?

example: as I enter the wanhuo in APP Store, Pinyin word does not show the fire Chinese vocabulary, "fire" and no visible APP will join the wanhuo Pinyin keywords, if it is not able to explain the problem, so I APP Store directly with the wanhuo Pinyin search keywords, the the result is not satisfactory, interested friends can try.

brand word without Pinyin keywords APP should be ASO or negligence, ASO is not aware of its value. Just imagine, if a APP do it, brand value is more and more high, the user search will directly search the APP brand, and may be useful in pinyin search directly in this part of the user, if the competitor with the brand keywords you Pinyin words, this is not equal to others do the wedding dress? So the ASO personnel in setting the APP keyword, it is very necessary to join their brand Pinyin keywords.

: two cases above we see a no word for the brand Pinyin keyword APP, here, we see a brand for the APP keyword Pinyin word, as I enter in the APP Store ‘haitong’, you can clearly see the sea was ranked third, which shows that the APP is the keyword pinyin. We can directly use’haiton>

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