7 Sep

Do search marketing which indicators need to go beyond the competitors

so if you are bidding you must go beyond the competitors click, do you have in the Shanghai dragon website ranked after but also think about the question of how to write a better title or description beyond the opponent click.

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whether we do anything we need to know the target goals, develop an implementation plan, in the field of search marketing, I see a lot of new friends is not clear. Some of my friends often receive questions they feel very confused, for example, some friends will ask, our company will set up the network marketing team, what do you need, in fact the only combined with the specific situation to know, how could we outsiders know? Some do Shanghai dragon friends every day outside the chain, the content of the website is updated every day, every day in order to rank things bend over backwards worry white hair, so we need to know what kind of index to surpass competitors.

if you do the bidding must be reduced on average price, find more valuable keywords, and then to the layout of your website, in this field we bid is not required too many factors to consider ranking, because you can calculate the rate of return on investment, the ratio of Shanghai dragon to clear. But with the Shanghai dragon, you have to consider is the click rate, if write better ideas to attract users to click, third points more than second clicks even higher, so that your money will be relatively small, but the quality of your degree will increase further, and let your ranking improve, reduce the price to a virtuous cycle. Shanghai dragon is the same, you click on the third than the second higher, experience better than second, you will not be long before the rankings, click more, ranking the more stable, but also into a virtuous cycle.

is a set of process search marketing success is successful, is not a little success, from the website to the website ranking, click click row caused, after the traffic flow after the inquiry, inquiry after the transformation, the transformation after repeat. This is the whole process of success, do network marketing personnel must follow the whole process, rather than focusing on one point. Especially Shanghai dragon friends often all eyes staring at the keywords ranking, ranking up after thinking about how to maintain the rankings, rather than thinking process domain more important things. If you want to go the way of network marketing must focus on the marketing of the whole process.

after the process is to transcend the landing page, it may compete for someone special care, and less care personnel in Shanghai dragon. Because the competition does not need to consider the ranking factors need to consider whether the inquiry factors, design factors affecting inquiry is the biggest landing page is not able to meet the needs of users, to attract users, in the auction than Shanghai dragon to be flexible, because which keywords flow guide which can control the landing page and Shanghai the dragon in this aspect is poor. The competition page can not consider the design page of Shanghai Longfeng boldly and factors, spent the money flow a little distressed, "

In fact,

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