6 Sep

To explore the secret of search engine optimization in fact it does not worth your time

I went to Shanghai dragon in this industry is a short time, only more than a year, has been constantly to learn, just beginning to learn to do when the Shanghai dragon, will often ask the people there is no quick method to improve website ranking, what is the secret of the search engine used to answer? Forum, blog, etc. to understand the information platform. In fact, now think that the problem is some stupid. In the process of learning Shanghai dragon, take a lot of mistakes, such as trying to understand the black hat Shanghai dragon, of course, these so-called explore and answer is sure to fail in the end, he slowly learned how to do.

search engine, more and more people start looking for SEO secrets, want to get through the search engine ranking method is rapid, simple, many people are playing "cat and mouse" game in the search engine and search engine, but it is my "mouse"? Think the search engine is like June day in the face of a child, a second blue skies, the next second is the downpour, before Shanghai dragon to change, but have wet body.

want to focus on learning basic knowledge of website, how to choose the right.


often have people on the Internet or QQ asked, what is the secret of the search engine? What website can quickly improve website rankings? There can quickly enhance the website ranking skills? There are countless people are trying to find the secret of the search engine search engine optimization every day, but the secret is really so good to explore the

learning is like Shanghai dragon hunting, not learning to track prey, how to catch prey, let alone how to kill their prey, so it is difficult to feed their families, and you will not survive. On the contrary, everyone wants to know the secret of the search engine, but when Google announced that they are changing the algorithm specifically for search engine optimization site, and your site still do not know what to do, or why you do will have a search engine hit. However, if your site has a strong technology platform, information system structure has good practice, website content quality, for the benefit of users and packaging of advertisement and solid social media and real world marketing plans and strategies, so that you will not fall into a passive. Although it is now the era of content is king, but if your technical foundation is poor, the search engine can not understand the structure of your site, and your site itself is relatively arbitrary code, website structure and search engine is bad, no channel to understand your site information, and your customers also cannot read you the site, only you as the administrator of the website to understand the user experience is not good. A good website structure, website content quality, suitable for the site map of the spider crawling and so on, these are the necessary conditions for the site, which in fact and secret search engine is independent, do these, you don’t need to find the secret of search engine.

With the constantly changing

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