6 Sep

The helpless and suffering of the novice webmaster website Shanghai Dragon


Shanghai dragon is a long and boring things, which for many novice webmaster is scratching, but also a headache, more anxious! Because the novice has not contacted, no success, no experience, but in the time war, also in a psychological battle.

did not casually succeed, nor as long as you work hard, most probably it did not actually happen, not necessarily will be rewarding, but you don’t work hard, there will be no harvest, the sky diaoxianbing thing, seize the opportunity, a good grasp of their own rise of it, a little effort, a little more effort, if not, continue to work hard that one day will be successful, don’t give up halfway, don’t give up halfway, as already mentioned, people give up halfway is most unfortunate and sad, so we must insist, wait until the day of success and share their sadness and tears, so it will be very proud to cry, "

time will urge people to be old, time will urge the old people, everyone can not bear the loneliness and solitude, but if one day you stand, then you are not far from success, when change is our attitude, ready to meet the challenge, Shanghai dragon

often give up halfway people is most unfortunate is the most tragic, hard step you will succeed, but you will eventually step out the last step and choose to give up, then vowed to tell your friends that don’t do that, can not succeed, I have experience, ah more often, in this way, more to the Shanghai dragon pass miraculous, in fact it is a slow process, as long as you stick with it can be successful, but because many people insist on not down, and abandoned their also abandoned Shanghai dragon, so do the Shanghai dragon first need a good attitude, the next step is hard.

for Shanghai dragon do not worry, as long as the starting point of the early, then you later is on the middle point, just a matter of time, if it is a set of formula, it would be good to do so mechanization, but that is because people do, people of different machines. So many people insist on not down the final failure.

this is the beginning of a good attitude, the next step is to work hard every day, what? Diligent update, must do every day, and may do is after a few months to see results, so this is not a easy job, every webmaster must experience, not only to update every day, but also a regular rhythm do the chain, the chain of course is not doing well, you need to take seriously, the number of the chain is not much, but in essence, to win with quality, of course, these sounds will be very difficult, some people will be discouraged, but if you put some time ago to persist, so will be very easy, because you have been accustomed to, so you will have what is called improper, everything is hard in the beginning, is the truth, as long as the beginning persist, then is making great strides Every day, you have to do things done things seriously, so naturally success is just a matter of time.

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