5 Sep

Love Shanghai Chinese word ranking algorithm combat crack

love Shanghai Chinese participle in what case? What are the benefits of sex in Shanghai word? How to do Shanghai Chinese segmentation increase the ranking? Love Shanghai Chinese word writing and what is the mechanism? The author is engaged in the webmaster to share with the garbage flow mechanism of sea Chinese segmentation algorithm, we make a lot of traffic.


love Shanghai "

love Shanghai Chinese word for engaging in Shanghai Longfeng staff, must be familiar with. Today nonsense not say, according to the author’s own experience and the webmaster to share their love for Shanghai Chinese word ranking principle, also love we can support Nanjing Shanghai dragon blog, I will share a large number of regular dry cargo


love Shanghai Chinese segmentation, essentially making a website title title get more matching degree. Then love Shanghai Chinese participle what time, what time can not be used, I would say the crystal clear. I first say you love Shanghai Chinese word in what circumstances can not be used. Generally we do not waste flow station, or we do is brand of difficult words, at this time, you cannot use the word love Shanghai Chinese, for example we take the author of "Nanjing Shanghai dragon" and "Nanjing site optimization", although the two words of love Shanghai index is not very high, only more than 100, but you know, Nanjing Shanghai Longfeng area has a lot of grass root in male do the words "Nanjing Shanghai dragon", everyone in the "Nanjing Shanghai dragon" rush to fight, not you die I die, in this case, if you want to put the "two words to sit in Nanjing Shanghai Dragon" and "Nanjing site optimization", you must not use love to split Shanghai Chinese participle. What is the keyword split? For example: Title: Nanjing – Shanghai dragon website optimization, so the key is called love Shanghai Chinese written word, because the love of Shanghai search engine can be completely matched to the Nanjing Shanghai dragon, and can not be completely matched to the Nanjing site optimization, Shanghai love at this time according to the search engine algorithm will put in front of the "Nanjing" two word segmentation, and then put the site optimization in front of the "Nanjing" two words behind and then two times together, it will use Chinese segmentation algorithm to match the "Nanjing website optimization", the author here to share a dry cargo, this two times, keywords ranking, certainly not the complete batch is better, so please take a look at the Nanjing Shanghai dragon blog title, is: "Nanjing Shanghai dragon _ Nanjing Website Optimization Website Promotion _ _ Nanjing Nanjing Shanghai Longfeng consultants ", the author put each keyword before the Nanjing added two words, this is in order to complete the matching, increase the weight of keywords. If the author wrote: Nanjing Shanghai dragon _ Website Optimization Website Promotion _ _ Shanghai Longfeng consultant, then my "Nanjing site optimization, Nanjing site promotion", "Nanjing Shanghai dragon consultants" these three keywords ranking must rely on a lot, this is the complete matching charm, finally give everyone a word, popular keywords sex Shanghai word, one

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