5 Sep

Taobao customer failure biggest reason ignore user experiences your website closed yet

as a personal webmaster, selling products on the website, must understand what is to visit our website users want? Not every word search in the list of all want to see it, if the user is still searching how to lose weight, see list, do you think he will not be disappointed, once he left disappointed, it means that your site jump out rate is very high, sh419 must have such a mechanism may be through the website user retention time may be the length of time the user to view your article for how the user experience to determine your website!

your site can be turned off, if you are a webmaster or planner, you will follow my ideas, think for 5 minutes, if not closed, a little bit of usefulness because these are the years I see examples of the epitome of your  

search engine ranking rules is based on user experience, especially many of our personal webmaster which sh419 is so much emphasis on user experience, now the guest website, looking ahead, almost all top class station this station has at least hundreds of thousands of


your site must be closed for
1 you are doing useless work site don’t do web site navigation success era of hao123 265 has been in the past, if you do not have sufficient resources to do before 200 website you or sell advertising to navigation more come true, "br / do you have to download the software no longer have the advantages of searching. Are you going to rely on what to promote your website, and you are just trying to flow past as trassient as a fleeting cloud will not come again, because of the large has been great. We have missed the time
some of the traditional personal website mode is no longer a chance of denver. Can survive even among


why should I write this subject?.

2 you can’t see the money of the website can also turn off

meets 3 stationmaster today. A webmaster will run hard 2 years of site 2000 sold, a webmaster flow from 2 years ago to 10 thousand now 100


3 do not see the future of the site can also close the

why did you say that the user experience is not good to Amoy failure? There are two reasons: first, poor user experience of the website ranking even very good but the conversion rate is very low: second, the user experience is not good website punishment by search engine, and it is difficult to have

your site must be immediately shut down for
1 you are operating the erotic websites, if you don’t want to let my youth to the prison, you continue to open your sex website
2 your website relates to politics and some are not suitable for individuals or small companies permission please immediately shut down, change is the best choice for your
3 your web business to cheat marketing shopping, immediately shut down, cheat money is not warm, you have been on the estimation,

learning a period of SEO, from a SEO rookie slowly grew into a SEO technology more and more mature individual stationmaster, which experienced many twists and turns a lot of bitterness, have also done a long time Taobao, has had mixed success, failure of the website, we need to know how to analysis why in order to progress, the following analysis is one of the most important reasons of failure under the guest website SEO, the user experience is not good

user experience User Experience, referred to as UX or UE is a kind of pure subjective in the user of a product service established in the process of psychological feelings. Because it is purely subjective, he has some uncertain factors. Individual differences also decided to each user’s experience is not real by other means to fully simulation or reproduction. But for a clear definition of the user groups speaking, the user experience is the common can through good design experiments to realize. The development of computer technology and Internet technology innovation form are changes to the user as the center, people pay more and more attention, the user experience has therefore been called the essence of innovation 2 model. The user experience is the core of the search engine ranking rules.


as a guest station, we must clearly understand the point is: the list may not be the biggest mistake, do the worst is a lot of the station is hidden, because not all users are in search to buy something, perhaps some users only want to know some knowledge of products may be product reviews, or how to lose weight to life recipe whitening only, as a guest webmaster, we must have a clear understanding of what is our website visitors really need

ranking! !

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