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How to train the weight of the website webmaster

2, improve site keywords ranking pages to enhance the site weight

algorithm has great weight.

How to cultivate the How to cultivate the

website weight (routine method)

In fact,

weights are given, a numerical Chinaz, but love to stand and three party websites are given, this value is the basis to determine the flow of love in Shanghai, and decided to love Shanghai traffic is the index keywords website ranking. The tool is different, given the values are not the same, which is why in the same site, respectively in the Chinaz and love the two station website of the results will be very different.

weight not out of love Shanghai love Shanghai, but still much stationmaster friends off, especially when the exchange of Links, the level of weight is especially important, website 1 of the weight you want to change to a weight of 3 that is quite difficult. I do not know there is no friend of the existence of such confusion, a move to do keywords ranking, but always not very good weight. In fact, I want to say, need to slowly raise the weight, not one or two words can do it (the non conventional means is not within the scope of the discussion), today, Nanjing Shanghai dragon Gu Xuxu and we simply talk about how to cultivate the website weight.

what is love Shanghai

website weight (unconventional means)

Although the

many friends will pay more attention to the site when the site optimization also within the page keyword optimization, are generally in accordance with the long tail word of our strategy to perform, in fact, if the page keywords do good, also can bring weight for website promotion, although a single word has limited effect. But we don’t live in large quantity, if you try to find some good index of the long tail word deliberately optimized, then it is easy to bring the weight of ascension through content.

websites are generally the competition is relatively large, relatively high index of words, these words is the focus of our optimization, however it is difficult to optimize such words, conventional means the short term is difficult to see the effect, but to enhance the effect of such words once done the weight on the website is very obvious and if an index of 1000 can do first, then the word brings flow is about more than 700, such a word can be the weight of the website upgrade to 3.

weight?Love is not love Shanghai Shanghai

1, to enhance the core of the web site keywords ranking

here is my company’s website some of the words obtained by the page index ranking, in fact this word is quite simple, basically do not have to spend a lot of time, but the effect is faster, usually, 3~5 days can be achieved. If you can insist for a long time, so the weight of the website promotion space is very objective.

Key words


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