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n the face of some love Shanghai greatly to the website included drop view

recently in June 22 and June 28 events in the online pass raise a Babel of criticism of many owners, also There were many discussions. In each big forum, estimated this love Shanghai update may cause great blow to the part of the webmaster, may have been a profitable website very optimistic love suddenly Shanghai included rapid decline, keyword ranking disappeared Not the least trace was found. site visits, nature will be greatly affected, resulting in our website operation change. According to this phenomenon, in fact love Shanghai has also made a clear reply, this update is not love Shanghai database errors, it is not love Shanghai search engine exhaust, just love Shanghai in order to enhance the user experience of search experience, let the healthy development of the Internet Ecosystem, especially for some low quality sites in Shanghai love search results in the control, through this update we can clearly see:

titleIn fact, the

editor every day that modify the title modify title, but a qualified and have the readability of the title is not so simple, we whether we need to make a concise and accurate title from the user point of view or Shanghai dragon. And we can make the title more novel, let users have a desire to see it. The title must express content must be accurate let the user be able to see their needs.

The original


Two, improve the readability of We all know that

even if we usually put the importance of the original article Guazaizuibian, but many owners still think that even many webmaster think of no great importance, we sometimes copy and paste the article published in time of the collected rate than our own original articles included a higher rate for these people who think I really can not understand, can only use a words to describe the "off coffins tears", and this update also let them see love Shanghai love Shanghai badly, so we must use caution state to cope with the search engine, if we are too relaxed about it, so don’t worry if a wounded is us, here again who is collecting a large number of content or machine generated / modify the content of the website, also for this update your website is not affected or punished, but The search engine will someday catch your pigtail.

.We will start with a


mentioned above also love Shanghai search engine this update is mainly to promote the love of Shanghai user’s search experience, and this point is to improve the user experience, so we have the necessity to enhance the readability, attract and lead the user to read your article, so to improve the readability of the article can be improved from the following points:

, increase the content of a

review in writing, is the page of our website some supervision in the form of reading can further let users know.


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