4 Sep

Sprint love Shanghai page ranking Shanghai dragon operation essence


‘s own website optimization of a "for" and "fruit"

your website is not ranked? Is not flow? All these are because of evil because you planted, get the consequences. You have to really stand on each other’s point of view to think about what they really need? You have really studied innovation tactics? I tell you, in Shanghai Longfeng personnel none of these techniques. Xiao Bian today this few years optimization scheme and strategy of search engine for everyone to share, love home Shanghai sprint method in a short period of time. Do you want to know what? Please read.

2.: the title because writing is not reasonable, late difficult has ranked

many hardships made a website, want to promote ranking, but found that the content of the website does not know what to put, absolutely empty, although know very good original ranking on the site, but the keyboard does not know what the word, finally compiled a few articles, the feeling is not professional, and time-consuming. So he went to look at the peer reference, home page, in the end, the reference directly into the

: the new collection of content words, how much love in a timely manner the user of this article, this article how wonderful search engine will think you are pirates, rather than the service, if you want to capture, recommends weight again after acquisition; if the old station, the impact of low acquisition much, but it does not mean that free to collect some garbage collection content content, but also to see the quality of content, can not be stereotyped, or drop right sooner or later;

recommendation: acquisition not desirable, is the need to pay attention to methods, some websites are still collected, but the ranking is very good, editorial recommendation of some of the more practical methods for everyone here, I hope all of you help fill. The first method: combined to find the data counterparts in the top 20, some peers may not add pictures, you can add pictures, some accompanied the article content less you with a few words, in conjunction with their original part, this method is desirable; second kinds of methods: to Taobao, QQ space shield love Shanghai web search content, those are the original manufacturers, to determine whether the original, take the above words, to fall in love with the sea search box, to see if there is no duplication, no duplicate is original; third methods is to find 20 pages after peer articles, they must row there are reasons behind on the 20 page, or play the box too much or too many advertisements, these are not conducive to the user experience, you can be completely reproduced down, then slightly modify title, add some map Film, improve a grade, on the basis of it so you is the original

1.: in order to fill a large collection of old website article

who do Shanghai Longfeng people know, a title page means that what role can.


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