4 Sep

Shanghai Longfeng Title Optimization of the four key

Speaking of the

however, it first needs to ensure that spider can access the page, it must put the foundation site well, or think these are basically in vain, I have seen many webmaster, all study Shanghai dragon skills, after small talk, only to find their infrastructure networking station problems are not handled properly.

Fourth, pay attention to the unique

in the website optimization process, there is a very important factor presumably many people should know, is the key place on user search, what is the real key place? That is the search tag and title page in, this is the key for the inside, because it can be regarded as one of the most representative in Shanghai dragon element, can continue for a long time effect.

keyword, many webmaster will ignore, always put the page title up very casual, and sometimes did not contain the keyword, it should not be made based on error. So, the keywords included, this is very important, in the page title, ranking algorithm for this is very important, so remember to contain the keyword, the keyword only included, it can share opportunities in the search engine.

after a long practice of Shanghai Longfeng learning, to be sure, if the site has been optimized relatively good, then it is difficult to have a particularly prominent technology optimization. The rest of the content, should not go into what skill, but should focus on those sites and construction, the common branches of technology, especially the Shanghai dragon is the title of excellence, sustainable optimization, real next, put the specific technology page optimization to tell you, as long as we do and you must be able to achieve the ultimate Title Optimization of Shanghai dragon.

for the website name, this is a place where people often first pay attention, often spend a lot of time, because of this, when the webmaster website name to, since that is very perfect, so easy to listen to any other good suggestions, so as to correct the shortcomings, this is actually very unwise. Many people think the title did not contain the name of the web site, but it is very difficult, so that ordinary users feel around to go to no fog, have a profound impression on your web site.

This is also

on the page title, the most common site.

many webmaster do not pay much attention to their website, they said the advantages, is too much information, all kinds of looks, very complicated, this is the wrong way of expression. Must be simple and short, can make the key information simple expression quickly, otherwise your website looks information is plentiful, is superfluous, not directly to express information efficiently.

Second, pay attention to simple Third, pay attention to the site name First, pay attention to the keyword


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