4 Sep

Teach you how to do website optimization


search engine optimization, not only is the site of the station optimization, more important is the website optimization, meaning more than appearance, a website in order to have a good ranking, so in the station optimization this site must be improved, that today Taizhou Shanghai dragon will give you to talk about the site in the station optimization what are the:

anchor text anchor text optimization: we should all know, the anchor text is actually a text link, this text with the web page content has a close relationship, so the anchor text advantage is clear property, a website in addition, anchor text can collect some search engines can index the content! For example, your web site set up to search engines but still appear on the website of your website, this is the role of the anchor text, but the display in the search engine is the description of the website. There is, we can add some of the anchor text links in the content to other web pages when writing articles on this website, increase website content and density of the article page weight is very good, use the anchor text also has a lot to our station optimization.

! The long tail word optimization

website: our website content is increasing, we should always pay attention to the establishment of the long tail word website, website content also means that the long tail words, then the future site will have a long tail word, we have to do is to set up a table, the name of the long tail word and the link with the excel table record, we do this form of purpose is to facilitate keyword on the website of the management, use these keywords will be Shanghai dragon in the optimization process (such as: website internal links, website chain)

Shanghai Longfeng channel optimization: many people may not understand what is the Shanghai dragon channel, here I give you explain: Shanghai dragon channel is to use a large number of page keywords, links to the web sites of several other pages, each page to show the advantages of centralized search engine, that is to do one or some pages, web page links other focus on this page, this page we called the Shanghai dragon channel, Shanghai dragon channel benefits, is to focus on all the advantages of integration to a page on the page, so we just do this page ranking could make other pages to get ranked, if you the site a large amount of information is very necessary to do a website in Shanghai Longfeng channel, this will give you a lot of stress,

The station optimization

site is the most basic site code: code format is best to use DIV+CSS website, website remove redundant code, even if not up to the standard of W3C, but also to do website code clean, don’t put it out of order code, search engine to see that as a webmaster, code! To know if the site exists in the redundant code to immediately remove the need to know: the redundant code has a great influence on the spider crawling, the website content included the


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