3 Sep

The old site Shanghai quickly improve the ranking approach of love


love Shanghai for the ALT attribute of the picture is very important, so don’t ignore this property setting, need to do a good job at the same time there is some internal website notes, practice has proved that the website notes to make the appropriate adjustments can effectively improve the site’s ranking situation.

2, set the

website ranking mainly or do the core keywords ranking, so be sure to compare similar website keywords in the top three websites set in the setting of a web site keywords, set 3 to 5 words, in the code of the keyword description can be repeated, it would be better to make what is love of spiders in Shanghai to recognize the main direction of the site.

in the old site as long as the chain has been doing optimization is much simpler, starting from the above aspects, will soon be able to do love Shanghai home. Friendship: www.wfbybyw贵族宝贝 webmaster, AC QQ:610559494

4, Links construction

to exchange issued Links where do Links, exchange work insist on doing high PR website, in exchange, to pay attention to skills, some webmaster or better exchange, this time on the test of a Shanghai Longfeng personnel patience, as long as they can exchange links to good is good.

3, the website column

Optimization of


website every page of the weight is different, so we should make good use of the relatively high weight of the home page, as much as possible in the show column set, column name and website similar to keywords. There is to check the internal links, do 404 page Jump to the user and search engine, a good user experience.

old site chain of general are many, but there are some owners due to the lack of professional personnel to optimize the internal optimization, resulting in ranking before, this time we need to do with the site’s internal adjustment, so that the entire site in accordance with the requirements of Shanghai love inside. Here is how well the website internal optimization advice, hope can be perfect for you to solve the current problems:

1, website keyword set

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