3 Sep

Webmaster tools and usage of independent Shanghai Longfeng share

two, monitoring the site Links and other website real PR. Because Links has an important effect on the weight of the website, once by the search engine drop right or punish the Links involved, if not promptly removed this website chain, so easily lead to its website to be implicated and included in the site, the weight has decreased, so the monitoring to Links do all the time the. This is very easy to use and powerful than the webmaster tools in Shanghai, the bright younger generation: webmaster helper network 贵族宝贝link>

according to some commonly used Shanghai Longfeng concepts and methods, we can use various tools now more and more mature, more and more to implement, the webmaster can usually share some common tools and we use Shanghai dragon, seemingly simple but not simple tools, so that we can do at any time monitoring and testing site optimization of degree and effect, constantly targeted for improvement, make better profit website optimization.

, a query and monitoring site included, trans, PR and ranking data. These data is the most basic part of the website technical index, webmaster should do one day a query to keep the data in the monitoring of the site conditions, so as to find problems in a timely manner, timely response. In this regard, many have been very mature and convenient tool for website, we can query data, which includes: China home owners 贵族宝贝webmasterhome.cn, Admin5 webmaster tools 贵族宝贝tool.admin5贵族宝贝, the home station webmaster tools 贵族宝贝tool.chinaz贵族宝贝. This is the most commonly used, but also several authoritative data query tool. Simply enter the URL, click the query will be profitable website from the search engine included value chain to counter to the PR value to all aspects of Alexa ranking and other information.

Shanghai dragon as indispensable factors now do stand, more and more attention of webmaster, Shanghai dragon after all in place can make good website development website, let a tiger with wings added weight, ranking, recording and snapshot are benefited, rapid growth, which can result in rapid profit traffic from search engines, for the healthy development of the website, the more rapid flow of profits depend on has a very important role. But the so-called carry, sooner or later, have deep skills. Many webmaster in the face of Shanghai dragon always feel very mysterious, it seems impossible to start. However, as the practice of increasing, the growth of the time, the owners will find many jobs are capable of, with more and more Shanghai Longfeng, according to various kinds of practice has proved that the concept of efficiency, the webmaster can do independently of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work. More important, is established for the implementation of the plan, as we have often heard of the executive power is greater than all, only a good place to perform, can let the optimization effect is really apparent.

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