28 Aug

How effective to love Shanghai submit site map Sitemap

here hope that more love Shanghai as soon as possible the release site map submitted by channel. Here to mention that the major search engines have quite a lot of learning and learning, especially the learning of more noble love Shanghai baby. So we as much as possible to submit a site map to the major search engines, whether you are doing Chinese or English. So to submit a site map but there is still a lot of tips and correct method. "How to search engine submission site map Sitemap" Wuxi cocoa Shanghai dragon in the next few days will be detailed to discuss and share the problem.

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Baidu submitted to the

so in love Shanghai no site map submitted to the case, how effective to submit a site map of Shanghai love. In fact, we can pass the robots.txt settings to guide the orderly and try to love Shanghai spider crawling our website. The grammar is very simple in the following example: "sitemap:www. wuxi贵族宝贝 SITEMAP: in front of Shanghai dragon" followed by the need to address the crawling path, let the love of spiders in Shanghai see, will be included to crawl. This grammar actually also applies to other search engines, but also above mentioned the other major search engines have a site map submitted by the channel, so I suggest you use the channel will submit sitemap is relatively stable practice.

Wuxi today to share a cocoa Shanghai dragon site map to love Shanghai submission, note here that is submitted to the site map (sitemap), and not the website submitted. Do Shanghai dragon knows site, but the site map submitted to the people of Shanghai will have sex with little contact, but the baby must be very noble people familiar with. Because in several major search engines, Bing, Yahoo, noble baby are webmaster tools, webmaster tools which are submitted by the site map function, we can easily submit sitemap. Although Shanghai has Webmaster Platform love, but still inside the sitemap submission, love Shanghai officials need to email application, but the application from the general experience, apply through rate very little. But there are also other ways to get inside account. You can add 25734647 group: Wuxi Shanghai Longfeng cocoa can provide some channels to share. (Figure 1)

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