28 Aug

2015 new user experience optimization method


user experience really.

this is a time when we change the angle to think, if we are user, search the keywords, want to see what is the content, and the corresponding content, so we can only use this page to load the keywords. This is better than home absolutely okay. This is just a simple talk about the user experience from the user’s point of view, the above said a bit of a mess, do not know if you have not understand, do not understand, how to look at, all of what I said.

ranking case

if some people think this is just my personal opinion, a chance, then please take a look at your topic more recently by XXX QQ space ranking combined with my analysis, you will harvest, for example, there are other key words: bathroom shampoo, soap, treadmill, etc. These are interested in friends can look at the analysis, Britney will know that there is no justification.

if I were to do this small series of key words, I will choose to do what brand is good, because of the small series found that the current love Shanghai home have many money, thermal conductivity, and all major sites, this time we have to do what the word Shanghai dragon, there is no need. Time consuming, also does not have results.

the user needs to do more:

Shanghai dragon friends must pay attention, then we selected keywords, then think about what the page to load the key. "What makes a good word to use this page or column page or the article page, many here very tangled, or all of the pages are doing well.



  Analysis of user experience:

don’t know what time, when Shanghai Longfeng interchange are more and more love that the user experience of these 4 words, remember that is outside the chain, what the original content, perhaps with the love of Shanghai white paper released, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners of experience is also quite seriously, but in reality is still heard to say the user experience of many people, actually do less,

this is a keyword I randomly selected (PS:, no advertising), then we can love from Shanghai down the above can be found, what brand is good, how much money, thermal conductivity and so on, have a certain understanding of love Shanghai friends should know that this means there is a user in search of these keywords, will lead to these will appear down, since the user needs analysis, we then began to operate.

but whether it is from the love of Shanghai white paper or some remarks or love Shanghai Webmaster Platform above, has also been stressed that the user experience of these 4 words, but the grassroots webmaster how many people can really do love Shanghai says, is almost very little. So Xiaobian here today to tell you about my personal practice and understanding.

Operation method:

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