27 Aug

n recent years the Shanghai dragon optimization let me relieved a lot also calm a lot

second, from 2010 to 2013 in Shanghai Longfeng road is my most bitter time. After about the basic knowledge, not satisfied with some simple writing articles published outside the chain, but will focus on the focus on learning how to write articles about Shanghai Longfeng, first think of A5 soft saw A5 submission, a large number of soft Wen contribute, I too eager, so a lot every day in these Webmaster Platform learn other people’s soft, slowly summed up soft writing characteristics, try to write some high quality soft Wen, after the third time I was in their own contributions to the understanding of Shanghai dragon on a corporate website, did not expect to be included in A5, oh, that don’t look happy how happy, now of course in the A5 submission because experience, almost entirely by this time, I Shanghai Longfeng experience in the continuous accumulation, of course From the original website editor, I gradually mastered the open source cms, learning some simple HTML code, when I know more of Shanghai dragon, the work will be more easily at this time, I have been unable to meet the first Commissioner of Shanghai Longfeng, and I want to quit but I take charge as chief of. Editor, looking for a new platform to maximize the ability of the next Shanghai dragon is now the company, this company I’m working is four years, after finding the job, I was not the chain Commissioner silly, just enter the company director let me use the CMS site, then a lot of open source system I am good at, or dedecms, but not in charge of deep throat CMS let me use this program, this program has stopped updating now, because the foundation has a Dede, the open source The program combined with the document is also very easy to get started, second days notice by the competent retained, this time I must have courage, by Shanghai dragon for the interests of enterprises, to the boss is the self.

first, I was how to carry out the Shanghai dragon industry. When I first entered the industry at that time was in 2007, at the beginning to enter the Shanghai dragon optimization always feel very mysterious, learning through the Internet feel Shanghai dragon did not imagine so difficult, search engine optimization when learning the first e-books or MS Hu Baojie "(Shanghai dragon) knowledge Handbook" at that time, the entry of the books, really let me feel learning Shanghai dragon have expert advice, the book is very clear ideas, at that time it will be able to access a website ranking and grasp in their own hands or mind, it should be so happy at that time, the website optimization ranking very simple, only need to build a website, set up some free blog, remember the new station on the line after more than half a month to send the article, then go to the new The waves and the NetEase to do some chain blog, website ranking will go up. I would also like to thank the band I started Shanghai dragon Knowledge Manual, when the chain is not like this, then the forum can also be the anchor text of the chain, then Shanghai dragon is really very easy.

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