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How to choose the target keywords

know what is the target keywords and keyword density, then we will eventually want how to choose the target keywords.

keyword density?The

what is the


above is simple on the target keyword definitions, and for the target keywords, we have to mention the keyword density.

we should be in the choice of target keywords: friends, know, reasonable.


: the selected target keywords: selected target keywords >

keyword density is where the proportion of the page text or the frequency. The low frequency of the search engine is not easy to determine what is the keyword page, and if the frequency is too high, for the search engines, is likely to be judged as keyword stuffing. So, we will set the keyword density is about 2%-6% is the most moderate.

is the target keywords website main keywords, is formed by the website of product and service portfolio into words. In general, we think that through the search engine to search related products, services and website, the word is called target keywords.

target position:


target distribution in the home, because the weight of the homepage relative to other pages are higher, so the target words are to be placed on the front page of the Meta tag. The number of target words in general home placement of not more than 4, because if it is new, can consider to place 3 or so; if it is relatively old station, you can put 4 or more. With the website weight increasing target keywords we can always add a site, rather than a place lot, it will cause the weight of keywords are too scattered and every words are not very good rankings.


target has become the main keywords, is a concept that we are important in the Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, and it is also the main source of our site traffic. Keywords target is known mainly because the target keywords, keyword keyword is site "flagship".

target keywords in general is a word or phrase consisting of 2-6 words, relatively more nouns are nouns or noun are the product of industry.

Keywords Keywords how to choose the target keywords?

is the target keywords website through search engines to obtain the most important part of the traffic flow, is also part of a very high proportion of. It is on the website, and the website contains the title, description and presence of the same target keywords. The website title will generally target keyword appears again, and the website description will appear two times.

Keywords: The first step of

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