12 Aug

Website optimization is constantly improving the website ranking

, we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is not to let the website ranking continue to achieve promotion, should we regardless of the rankings, where his time playing with the consumption of? Of course the author put forward the question of nature, nature has a certain meaning. Indeed, Shanghai dragon website optimization, website ranking is to be rising, but if you do not pay attention to the methods and steps, then we will find that although the ranking, but does not allow the site to generate profits, this is clearly not in line with our established expectations.

first talk about how to optimize the inside pages. In fact, the inside pages optimization is a kind of long tail keywords, long tail keywords to the site can bring a lot of directional flow, and the competitive keywords itself is relatively weak, so if you only need a little optimization, can quickly improve the ranking. And the optimization for the long tail keywords, actually very simple, is the first step in the relevant content, reasonable arrangement of some long tail keywords. Of course, in the title of the page is to arrange the words. Of course, in the arrangement of these words, we must pay attention to the nature of the location, the readability of the content.

page ranking is rising, the weight of your site has begun to gradually establish and improve, and web page ranking will be rising. But before is the focus on the pages within the website optimization. When the page is optimized.

and then through the soft or chain form, URL will link the content page, or out of the anchor text link, also is in some high weight site, can be linked by clicking on the relevant, such as the extended reading, anchor text links can open the page content. Even sometimes, can speak these content pages also put to the weight related website, so you can more quickly improve the content page ranking. Of course, if your site is new sites, so the best form through the soft to recommend, if there is a certain weight, you can also own website page layout of the content at the same time, in some high weight related website also can arrange the content. So we can make better use of the weight of high weight website brought the transfer effect.

, that is to say, we should be here to do, is to do site promotion, but also need to be optimized after the first, that is to say, we can go through the inside pages of the website optimization, through the inside pages of the rising, and continuously improve the website first page rankings rise. This is typical of the rural areas surrounding the city play, or break up the whole into parts optimization strategy.

In fact, this problem can not be counted as Of course, When the

in the inside pages optimization at the same time, also need to pay attention to some other related optimization details, such as navigation buttons, site hierarchy, frame structure, and the relevant code optimization. For these details will not repeat them here again, analysis how to make home page ranking.

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