12 Aug

The method of search and exchange Links

Links, also known as web site exchange links, links and link exchange, affiliate links, is a simple form of cooperation between complementary certain advantages in resources website. Then today Borner marketing team is aiming at the problem of how to exchange Links "this topic to share some of the methods.

two, the exchange Links


4 site Links

1, target keywords search for

to the marketing team to find Links Borner, exchange of experience can be summed up in the following several ways:

to spend less time looking at the link above, the best way is to first find a good website to website will have his Links object, then the link quality is also good, in order to find the law, there will be N different good quality content, links to related websites. This is like a search engine in the index to crawl the page content, through a link to another page link page to another link…… It saves time and we can find the right link, Why not?

this method is very easy, but we still need to find Links platform source; and then according to their own needs in the Links platform above the search relevant to our website type website, finally in the screening.

QQ group


2, link platform

, how to find a Links


wants to exchange a good link, first of all to pay attention to his way of speaking and attitude; generally we exchange links are mostly QQ talk, began to open the door to see the said, for example: Hello, does your station need to exchange links? Then your web site name and URL sent to each other.

2 site. "


way of speaking

through QQ group, not just with the group and we want to find some of the more active members of the group are. For example, the webmaster of Shanghai Longfeng exchange group, various types of websites exchange group, in the group chat can find the link type website to exchange.

called Links, explaining the most popular language refers to put each other on your site other websites link. Must be able to find the address and the name of the web site in the web page code, and can be displayed when browsing the web site name, this is Links.

can according to their own website category, they need exchange keywords to love Shanghai / Google search relevant keywords. For example, in the search box: Love Sea cosmetics, then there will be a lot of website is about cosmetic; so we can select one by one, and then according to their own needs and target site exchange. One of these is the most direct method, but this method is very time-consuming.

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